World Senior Championships

The World Senior Championships Men & Women are held once every second year.

The 2017 World Senior Tenpin Bowling Championships will be held in Munich, Germany from 13th - 20th August 2017.  Eligible bowlers will have been Silver Level Tenpin Bowling Australia Members in 2016 and 2017.

We seek expressions of interest from senior bowlers who wish to be considered for the 2017 Australian World Seniors Team to represent Australia. Eligible bowlers will have been Silver Level Tenpin Bowling Australia Members in 2016 and 2017.

Please complete and return the expression of interest form to the TBA National Office on or before 20th of January 2017.

Australian World Seniors Team Expression of Interest PDF Form

Australian World Seniors Team Expression of Interest Electronic Form


Eligibility Requirements

1. Bowlers must be Silver Tenpin Bowling Australia members in 2016 and 2017 and must be Australian citizens
2. Bowlers must be 50 years of age or above in the year of the Championship i.e. born 31 December 1965 or before.
3. Bowlers wishing to be considered must complete the attached EOI form and submit to the TBA national office by close of business Friday 20th January 2017.
4. Bowlers unable to compete in the selection event are encouraged to provide a bowling resume and a brief statement of claims against the selection criteria. Evidence and sufficient reasoning will need to be provided for any bowlers who is unable to compete in part of, or the entire selection event.

Selection Trial

The objective of the selection criteria, with particular emphasis on the combination of both automatic selection (first 2 positions) and open selection (remaining 2 positions), is to send Australia's most competitive athletes to the World Championships taking consideration performance over a sustained period and the ability to perform on WTBA patterns. The selection criteria, provides the opportunity for ageing in bowlers to represent Australia, while recognising those with international experience that were unsuccessful in gaining automatic selection or who were unable to compete in the selection event.


All eligible bowlers will have the opportunity to compete in the selection trial. Bowlers will complete in a 6 game block of singles (3 to a pair), a 6 game block of doubles (4 to a pair) and a 6 game block of teams, broken up into 3 games each day (8 to a pair). After each 6 game block, bowlers will be allocated points based on their pinfall. Each bowlers total points from the 3 blocks (Singles, doubles and Teams) will be added together and the two male and two female with the lowest total points will earn the right to represent Australia.*

Saturday 25th of February 2017
11:30am Doubles: WTBA Medium pattern 6 games
3:30pm Teams (Block 1): WTBA Long pattern 3 games


Sunday 26th of February 2017
8:30am Singles: WTBA Long pattern 6 games
12:30pm Teams (Block 2): WTBA Medium pattern 3 games

Points Allocation

Points will be allocated to eligible senior bowlers after each 6 game block, using the following points allocation system. 1 point will be allocated to 1st place, 2 points to 2nd etc. continuing down to  last place in each block. Should there be a tie on points for the 2nd and 3rd placings at the completion of the roll off, the bowler with the highest total pinfall shall be awarded the position in the team. In the event of a further tie, the bowler with the highest game will be invited to fill the final position. The remaining two male and two female bowlers will then be selected in alignment with the TBA National Team Selection Policy by the committee listed below;*

Michael Craig (Chair)
Eric Jang
Daniel Webb

*Selection committee and event format are subject to change

Oiling Patterns

WTBA oiling patterns that will be used for the World Senior Selections trials will be:

Medium - WTBA Atlanta
Long - WTBA Tokyo

DAY 1 - Saturday
Doubles - WTBA Medium pattern Atlanta
Teams - WTBA Long pattern Tokyo
DAY 2 - Sunday
Singles - WTBA Long pattern Tokyo
Teams - WTBA Medium pattern Atlanta

Requirements of Australian World Senior Team Members

Requirements of Australian World Senior Team Members

Upon successful selection into the World Seniors team, athletes must fulfil the following requirement:
1. Participate in a minimum of 3 ranked events (Open, Ladies or Senior) in 2017 before 30th June 2017.
2. Be available to participate in a team training session (currently scheduled for Monday the 26th of June following the Sydney Seniors Classic ranked event, further details to be confirmed).