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Announcement of 2018 Ranked Events & State Dates

Thursday, September 14, 2017

29 events will be included in the 2018 national ranked events calendar, which was officially released today, alongside the nationally approved State championship, and roll off dates.

Today’s announcement of the 2018 rankings program will see tournaments held in 5 states and territories, beginning the year with NSW and Campbelltown City Bowl hosting the TBA National Youth Cup on the 13th & 14th January.

Adding to the excitement in 2018 is the return of newly formed tournaments from this year’s circuit, the Gold Coast Cup, Interbowl Ladies Triple Crown and the SA Junior Cup.

Following on from the success of our current calendar, the Youth, Women, Open and Senior divisions will consist of the same 2017 tournaments, with the junior division including one less tournament in 2018.

National Rankings
Bowlers wishing to be ranked must be current Silver Members.  Rankings points will only be recorded for bowlers competing in a Ranked event if they have registered for Rankings and were current financial Silver members before bowling their first ball in that ranked event

Bowlers not currently registered for rankings are still required to register for inclusion in the Rankings System.  Registration is required once only, not each year.

Download Rankings Application Form.

2018 National Ranked Tournaments


9th – 11th March

Kegel Qld Open

30th March – 1st April

Australian Open

9th & 10th June

Melbourne Tenpin Cup

30th June – 1st July

SA Cup

17th – 19th August

Gold Coast Cup

8th & 9th September

NSW Open


TBA Australian Masters


3rd & 4th February

Fishing World Ladies Classic

30th March – 1st April


14th & 15th July

Queensland Ladies Classic

8th & 9th September

NSW Open


TBA Australian Masters

23rd – 25th November 

Brunswick Ladies Triple Crown


19th – 21st January

Hammer Qld Seniors Classic

24th & 25th February

Campbelltown Vintage Seniors Classic

17th & 18th March

Seniors Australian Open

28th & 29th April

SA Seniors Classic

26th & 27th May

Venuto Cup

23rd & 24th June

Sydney Seniors Classic


TBA Seniors Cup


13th & 14th January

TBA National Youth Cup 

3rd & 4th March

Werribee Youth Cup

25th - 27st May

Sydney Youth Cup

25th & 26th August

Tenpin SA Youth Masters

3rd & 4th November

Sharp Plywood Champion of Champions


27th & 28th April

TBA Australian Junior Masters 

9th & 10th June

SA Junior Cup

21st & 22nd July

Queensland Junior Cup

28th Sept – 1st Oct

Junior Sydney Cup

Please Note: The following factors are taken into consideration when determining which tournaments to rank:

• Geographic spread to ensure as many states as possible have the opportunity to host a ranked event,
• Past performances of the tournament considering factors such as the number of entries, reputation of each event, history and prestige etc.,
• Timing of events to ensure reasonable spread throughout the year,
• The host bowling centre supports Tenpin Bowling Australia with league bowler membership.

For any bowler wanting to accrue points in the rankings program please ensure an application is filled out.  To view the form click here.

Dates for 2018 State Championships & State Team Roll-Offs

Listed below are the approved dates for 2018 for all states and territories to conduct state championships and state team roll-offs for juniors, youth, adult, seniors and restricted bowlers.  States may use any of approved dates either for state championships or for roll-offs, however for purposes of the draft, states must notify the TBA National Office of their team lineup by the dates indicated in the table below:

TBA National Championship

Cut Off Date for Notification to TBA office

Youth Team Challenge

30th September 2017

Junior President’s Shield

30th September 2017

Adult Restricted, Seniors & Rachuig

15th June 2018

For further details regarding the draft, please refer please refer to the State Team Draft Player Policy.

2018 Approved Dates
• February 10th and 11th 
• February 17th and 18th   
• May 5th – 7th *** public holiday – 7th May in NT and QLD
• May 19th and 20th
• June 16th and 17th 
• July 28th and 29th    
• August 4th and 5th
• September 1st & 2nd 

For any further enquiries, please contact our National Office on (07) 3262 4455 or email