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Belmonte Re-Writes Bowling’s Record Books

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Australia has a proud history of sporting heroes and champions and tenpin bowling superstar Jason Belmonte has joined the ranks of Aussie sportsmen who stand tall amongst their peers here, and on the international stage as their chosen sport’s most famous, and titled contemporary athlete.

While dominance in any sport is a goal that many athletes aspire to, simultaneously re-writing the sport’s record books is rarely achieved.  This year alone, Belmonte has captured an impressive series of wins and unprecedented achievements that have blitzed audiences worldwide, and in doing so is revered amongst the highest echelon of tenpin bowling’s greatest players.
Wearing the mantle of three-time PBA PLAYER OF THE YEAR Belmonte stormed into 2017, clinching his seventh PBA Major title in Ohio in February, quickly followed by a decisive victory in the USBC Masters in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This win marked a stunning milestone for the 33-year-old, re-writing the record books as the first player ever to win the USBC Masters on four occasions.  With this triumph, Belmonte was described as “a singular sporting force to rival Don Bradman, Margaret Court and Phar Lap…..we’re now in the midst of The Belmonte Supremacy”, wrote Russell Jackson, the Guardian Australia's Deputy Sport Editor.

In April, Belmonte became the fastest professional bowlers to achieve the ranks of the PBA’s “Millionaire’s Club”, by shattering the record for earning $1 million in the fewest number of events bowled, previously held by American Wes Malott.

Two months later, his standout performances over the previous year were acknowledged by his third consecutive, and fourth overall accolade of ESPN’s Best Bowler ESPY Award, honouring excellence in sports performance and achievements, as decided in popular voting by fans.

Triumph over a field of 450 players from 22 countries at another major international tournament in Sweden, the “STORM Lucky Larsen Masters”, was soon followed by securing another history-making third Major title in one year as Champion of the PBA World Championship in Reno, Nevada.  The PBA World Championship is the crown jewel of the GEICO PBA World Series of Bowling and the final major championship of the PBA’s 2017 season.

Belmonte capped this stunning year by topping the rankings on the World Bowling Tour and winning the pinnacle tournament conducted by the sport is governing body, WORLD BOWLING, in November.

"Jason’s talent and achievements on and off the lanes are, without a doubt, a great inspiration to bowlers of all ages here in Australia who observe his continued success with admiration and national pride," commented Tenpin Bowling Australia’s CEO, Cara Honeychurch.   

"It’s remarkable to consider that Jason’s natural skill, coupled with an unwavering commitment to the sport he loves, has resulted in such unprecedented success, and influenced the entire landscape of the sport globally.  Television audiences across the world are growing and here in Australia an innovative, made-for-TV series has just launched showcasing Jason’s talent and the skills of other top male and female Australian bowlers," Honeychurch said.

"The first of the ‘Rollin’ Thunder’ programs aired last Sunday on 7Mate and is sure to be a popular addition to the sport’s regular coverage on cable TV … it could even be the catalyst to inspire the career of another world champion," she added.