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YouTube Abuzz with News of Cure to ‘Belmo's Disease’

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jason Belmonte has just released a YouTube video detailing his battle with ‘Singular Chirophobia’ or ‘Belmo's Disease’. Or maybe not.

Belmonte’s life and career have amassed an enormous following on YouTube, with millions watching his escapades with the Dude Perfect team and close to half a million views of his original revelation of this unique phobia - "This is Why I Bowl with Two Hands".  In that video, Belmo confessed to having Singular Chirophobia, "an extremely rare medical condition characterised by the fear of using one hand" and describes having issues such as raising two hands in the classroom to get called on instead of one, or trying to butter bread using both hands, etc.

And now, Belmo has found a cure!  But it’s fake news folks.

His latest video shows Belmo driving to Austin, Texas, to meet a doctor who has a pill that magically cures his disease.  Suddenly he can do things with one hand that he couldn't do before!

Belmonte's unconventional style has now produced dozens of imitators on the professional bowling Tour and has now been adopted by literally millions of amateur players worldwide. 

It initially caused scepticism - and, in some quarters, criticism - and his videos are a humorous response to his detractors.

The 35-year-old from Orange, NSW, has collected 18 PBA Tour titles, including nine major championships on the pro Tour and has revolutionised the sport of tenpin bowling internationally with his two-handed ‘footy-pass’ bowling style.

“Thank you to all my fans who have enjoyed my comical approach to why I bowl with #2hands - but it was time to be cured of this fake illness 😊 ” Belmonte explained to his vast network of fans via his extensive social media platforms.

Catch the fun on YouTube here or go to Facebook or Twitter to learn more about this sporting legend’s career.

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“I was 4 when I won my first tournament…got addicted to that feeling and that feeling motivates me still to keep improving myself!” #2hands

Jason Belmonte (Belmo), two-handed bowling champion
Pictures courtesy Professional Bowling Association