State Based Training Program


The purpose of the State Based Training Program is to take a national approach to establishing clear pathways for athletes to progress from grass roots through to elite level competition.

In an effort to define the pathways, Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited introduced the State Based Training Policy in 2010.  While all States and Territories have now established this program, the next phase of the program is to standardize the content of each module to ensure uniformity and consistency at a national level to develop and nurture the talents of our elite athletes.

Why Should I Apply?

Not only will being a member of the State Based Training Program improve your game, but it is the beginning of the pathway to reach the ultimate goal of representing your country.  You will also have the opportunity to work one on one with Tenpin Bowling Australia's National Coach. 

The State Based Training program educates participants across eight modules; the knowledge of which is a pre-requisite to joining the National Training Squad.


The minimum requirements for an athlete’s inclusion in their respective State Based Training program are:

1. Complete all of the bowler education modules in a calendar year
2. Attend a minimum of 3 accredited tournaments within their state - one of which must be either the State Championships or State Team roll-off for President’s Shield, Rachuig or Youth Challenge.  Note that this also can include a nationally ranked event that is held in the bowler’s state.
3. Participate in a minimum of one nationally ranked event per annum.

However, for athletes wishing to be considered for inclusion in the National Training Squad participation in at least one additional nationally ranked event outside of the bowler’s home state is a requirement.

Please note that due to the geographic size of Queensland, bowlers residing in this state may attend a tournament within Queensland as long as it outside the bowlers zone i.e. bowlers residing in South Queensland may compete in one North Queensland event and will be entitled to include this as an interstate tournament.

Also note that all bowlers wishing to represent Australia in TBA approved international events will be required to be a member of their State Based Training squad.  Exemptions may be available for athletes who have extenuating circumstances such as significant time competing overseas or injury or illness.

For more information, please refer to the State Based Training Policy.