Australian Adult Championship

Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park will host the 2018 Australian Adult Championship from Saturday 6th October to Saturday 27th October.

Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park
25 Fletcher Road,
Chirnside Park, Vic

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Championship Forms & Information

2018 Australian Adult Championship Information Booklet - Click Here
2018 Australian Adult Championship Schedule - Click Here
General Payment Information Form - Click Here
Dinner Supporter Registration Form - Click Here
Ball Registration Form Click Here
Australian Adult Championship Oil Pattern - Click Here
Australian Masters Oil Pattern - Click Here


Restricted Team Challenge
Seniors Team Challenge
Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament


Australian Adult Championship
Restricted Cup
Restricted Teams Challenge
Seniors Cup
Seniors Team Challenge
Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament


How to submit an entry into the 2018 Australian Adult Championship

1. Go to

2. Please note that TBA Member Numbers are required for the online entry process.

3. To search for a TBA member number please utilise the search box located on the top right hand corner of .

4. Under the search box, Entering Online section, Click on the '2018 Australian  Championships' orange button located on the landing page of The entry organiser must log-in using their email/member number and password. If you cannot log-in, watch this TBA video 

5. Click on ‘Register Bowler’ and complete your bowler registration details. 

6. Once all bowlers are registered (all details provided and names located on the left hand side) click the 'Create Entry' button to complete entries with your registered bowlers.

7. Each entry completed/saved will appear on the right hand side of the screen under 'Entries'. Keep creating entries until you have no more to make.

8. Once you are happy with the entries on the right hand side, click Submit Entries. This will notify TBA of your entries. Please note, leave the entries on the right hand side until you have confirmation from the Tournament secretary.

9. Within 2 business days, TBA will send a spreadsheet detailing the entries you have processed to clarify if all information is correct.

10. Send payment to TBA office.  Once the payment has been received, your entry will be processed. Payment Information Form

11. Once processed a confirmation of squads will be emailed from the Tournament Secretary. Please allow 3 - 5 days after processing.


Important Information:

Bank details must still be typed in for each bowler. No bank details = no prize money.

Due to member privacy, if a member number is typed in, only their name will appear on the form. DOB, contact number etc that we have on file will be displayed as ‘not required’.  No-one will have access to change or update member info in the database.

Please remember – to bowl in Cups or Challenges, bowlers must have completed a ‘natural All Events’ i.e an All Events (singles/Doubles/Team) in the same division - Adult or Senior (over 50’s only).

This year the entry form will need to be submitted online.

If you experience any issues with the online form, please contact the TBA office - (07) 3262 4455.

Opening Ceremony Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament

TBA's Adult National Championship is a bowling carnival that offers the opportunity for bowlers of all grades to compete for awards and prize-money as individuals, or in pairs or teams, against fellow players from every State and Territory of Australia.

The start of the three-week championship focuses on Restricted or lower average bowlers (under 174 average for women and 184 for men), the second week will see the Seniors take to the lanes and the last week will showcase elite bowlers, culminating in the final of the Australian Masters.

Australian residents must show their current Tenpin Bowling Australia membership cards and affiliated federation members must show their proof of federation membership at check-in.