2-Year-Old Tenpin Bowling Prodigy Thrives in Western Australia

By Matt Stevens
August 9, 2023

Elijah, Inspired by His Hero Jason Belmonte, is loving Tenpin Bowling at an Early Age

In a heartwarming tale, two-year-old Elijah Hill from Western Australia has found his new favourite sport of Tenpin Bowling and is thriving in his development by playing the sport he loves.

Guided by his father’s love for the sport and inspired by his hero, Jason Belmonte, Elijah’s journey from watching bowling videos at six months old to becoming a promising bowler at two years old has left many in awe.

Elijah’s love for bowling began when he was only six months old, curiously observing his father, grandfather, and grandmother participate in various bowling leagues at Zone Bowling Rockingham in Western Australia. Fascinated by the mesmerising skills of Jason Belmonte, he watches bowling videos on YouTube and considers Belmonte as his ultimate hero.

At just 18 months old, Elijah ventured into the bowling alley, ready to embark on his bowling journey. After his first game, he spontaneously adopted the two-handed bowling style, mimicking his idol Belmonte. Proudly declaring that he “bowls like Belmo,” Elijah’s interest in the sport only intensified with time.

Back home, every ball turned into a makeshift bowling ball, every drink bottle became a bowling pin, and every face washer or small rag transformed into a ball cleaner. With the support of his family, Elijah now possesses several indoor and outdoor bowling sets, even expanding to his daycare at Goodstart Warnbro, ensuring that his passion for the sport is well nurtured.

With no formal training but abundant love and guidance from his father, Elijah joined the Zone Bowling Rockingham Pin Bashers league on Saturday mornings at the tender age of two. In just 14 weeks, his progress has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Starting with a 77-pin average, he has already elevated it to an impressive 83 pins and consistently performs above his average in most games.

Elijah’s confidence has grown by leaps and bounds, evident in his improved ability to pick up spares with remarkable consistency. Even when he misses, it’s often by a mere margin, demonstrating his dedication and determination to succeed in the sport he adores. As he continues to evolve as a bowler, Elijah hopes to inject more power into his throws, setting his sights on achieving more strikes and pin movements.

Commenting on her son’s remarkable journey, Elijah’s mother encourages other parents to support their children’s passions and pursuits, no matter how young they may be. “They are never too young to just have fun; they might just surprise you,” she said with a smile.

The Zone Bowling Rockingham community has been buzzing with excitement, witnessing Elijah’s inspiring progress week after week. The young prodigy’s infectious enthusiasm for the sport has sparked joy among the league’s participants, and his dedication serves as a reminder that age is no barrier to pursuing one’s dreams.

As Elijah continues to thrive in the world of tenpin bowling, we can only imagine the bright future that lies ahead for this pint-sized wonder. Inspired by his hero, Jason Belmonte, he stands as a testament to the power of passion, determination, and the boundless potential that resides within a young soul.

So, the next time you find yourself at a bowling alley, keep an eye out for the pint-sized dynamo, Elijah, who might just amaze you with his “Belmo-style” bowling prowess. Keep your ears peeled as well, as one of Elijah’s favourite catchphrases when he spares or gets a strike– BOOM!