2019 Bowl Patrol Awards – NSW and ACT

By Emily Rennes
December 18, 2019

We’re very excited to announce the winners of State and Territory Bowl Patrol awards for 2019.

(Image: Grafton Tenpin threw a Christmas party for their Bowl Patrol participants in Term 4 2019. They are Centre of the Year for NSW in 2019)

Every year our Sport Development Officers work with the Bowl Patrol centres, Lane Rangers and participants to recognise a few special stand outs.

Whilst all our Patrollers are to be rewarded for giving it a go (and they do love their wristbands when they graduate to a new level) there’s a few worth highlighting. They’re one’s to watch, who might be facing other challenges in their lives, who really enjoy the program and are having a ball sharing the love of bowling.

We’ll profile all our winners in news posts and one our Facebook page.

Our New South Wales 2019 award winners are…

NSW Lane Ranger of the Year – Annette BateupHas been a consistent Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger, she’s expanded her knowledge and skills to run Bowl Abilities pilots in 2019 with a commitment continue both programs in 2020. Always supportive of participants, resulting in consistent numbers in programs and works hard to promote and support the sport of bowling.

NSW Centre of the Year – Grafton TenpinHas worked hard over 2019 to increase participant numbers in Bowl Patrol. Term 4 has seen a record 10 participants in the BP program which is a fantastic improvement on previous programs. The centre staff and Lane Rangers provide support and encouragement for Bowl Patrol participants and are active in promoting the sport.

NSW Best Bowl Patroller (Girl) – Emily Robertson (Warner’s Bay)Emily turned up every week and gave it her all, in the first 4 weeks of the program was lucky to knock down 1 pin but didn’t whinge once or complain all she said, “oh well let’s have another go” or “One is better than none”. Emily was always encouraging everyone else and cheering everyone on every week but was never disappointed that she didn’t pass or knock pins over. Over the 8 weeks Emily gave it her best with a huge smile on her face.

NSW Best Bowl Patroller (Boy) – Jayden Cao (Bowlarama) Jayden is very keen on bowling and has attended every week of the program. He has shown a lot of potential and has indicated that he wants to join the centre’s Junior league next year. He has gone through the program with great a sportsmanlike manner, listens and takes on instructions very well. Jayden has put in 110% each week, shown improvements throughout the entire program all while having a positive attitude and having fun.

Our ACT 2019 winners are…

ACT Lane Ranger of the Year – Tess Dyer In addition to stepping up as assistant manager at ZONE Tuggeranong, Tess’ passion for growing the sport and passing on her knowledge to the next generation is a great value. Promoting in centre, assisting with Lane Ranger recruitment and training, and her enthusiastic support of the program has not gone unnoticed.

ACT Centre of the Year – ZONE TuggeranongHad a program 3 out of 4 terms this year, program has grown, ran a second Lane Ranger training session, supporting Belconnen while they’re closed for renovations.

ACT Best Bowl Patroller (Girl) – Bryn Williams (ZONE Tuggeranong) Bryn has shown great commitment completing 2 Bowl Patrol programs in 2019, she was very good at giving it her all with a positive and never give up way of thinking.

ACT Best Bowl Patroller (Boy) –   Nathaniel Howard (ZONE Tuggeranong) He always came with a “never giving up” attitude and always trying his hardest during the sessions.

Congratulations to our winners in the ACT and NSW. Wondering who won in your State or Territory? Keep an eye on Tenpin.org.au’s news this week. #BowlPatrolAwards