2019 Bowl Patrol Awards – WA and QLD

By Emily Rennes
December 20, 2019

We’re very excited to announce the winners of State and Territory Bowl Patrol awards for 2019.

(Image: Western Australia’s Sport Development Officer Mia Buswell presents Patroller Girl of the Year to Isabelle Young)

Every year our Sport Development Officers work with the Bowl Patrol centres, Lane Rangers and participants to recognise a few special stand outs.

Whilst all our Patrollers are to be rewarded for giving it a go (and they do love their wristbands when they graduate to a new level) there’s a few worth highlighting. They’re one’s to watch, who might be facing other challenges in their lives, who really enjoy the program and are having a ball sharing the love of bowling.

We’ll profile all our winners in news posts and one our Facebook page.

Our Western Australia 2019 award winners are…

WA Bowl Patroller of the Year (Girl) – Isabelle Young Izzy commenced in term 1 2019 and re-enrolled every term, including term 4 – even after she earned her black band in term 3! Izzy is still the only girl in WA to achieve her Black Band. Izzy had tried many sports in the past and has never enjoyed any of them as much as she loves Tenpin Bowling. She enjoys the social element and being part of the community as well as the opportunity to learn new skills. Izzy has helped inspire the previous Lane Rangers to start a new Junior League for Bowl Patrol graduates which will commence in 2020 at ZONE BOWLING Rockingham. Izzy’s family are super proud of what she has achieved this year. Can’t wait to see what you can do in 2020, Izzy! Good luck in the Junior League.

Isabelle’s mum Katrina responded to the news she’d won the award; “what an amazing email to receive on Isabelle’s birthday ????????  what a beautiful personal achievement for her. Her sisters are in main stream sports and receive many certificates, trophies and medals. So an acknowledgement of how well she has done in her sport this year is out of this world and will give her the self esteem boost needed to continue along this amazing path and opportunity she has been given due to you and Ten Pin Bowling Australia. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is literally life changing for a young girl with a disability and the opportunities it enables her to gain.”

WA Bowl Patroller of the Year – Lucas Dye came into the program determined to succeed. He listened intently to every bit of advice delivered to him by his Lane Ranger. He was also lucky enough to get some tips from one of WA’s Junior state coaches and athletes who saw some potential in him and his fellow Patrollers. He was fascinated by the scoring system and was keen to understand all elements of the sport. Lucas’s motivated lead him to be the first to achieve Black Band in WA. Congratulations Lucas. We look forward to when you start in a Junior League – you are sure to be representing WA soon!!

WA Lane Ranger of the Year – Moira Mathie between ZONE BOWLING Cannington and Joondalup  is committed to the Bowl Patrol program – travelling the length of the Perth Metro area to ensure it is available to as many people as possible. She is also committed to her own self-improvement and is now working towards the Silver Level coaching course in Tenpin Bowling. She was the first WA Lane Ranger to complete the Special Olympics online training for coaching people with intellectual impairment and autism. She does this to ensure that she is able to offer the highest level of support for the children she coaches and ensure that everyone has a fantastic experience. She often goes out of her way to create unique experiences depending on the needs of the participants including stress balls, painted balls and balls with bells. Moira also works hard to get to know the Centre staff and work as part of their team, even when she is outside of her usual centre. She volunteers her time in promoting the program in schools and community settings, including local Markets/Fairs and School Sports “come and try” days. Moira has also delivered the Bowl Patrol program through the Sporting Schools programs in WA.

Ultimately, Moira’s work as a Lane Ranger has been best summarised by the Parent feedback throughout the year:
The Lane Ranger is patient, kind and works hard to keep the children on track.
The Lane Ranger was fantastic!  My child has autism and our LR was very patient and understanding.  The whole group thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.
The Lane Ranger did such a great job last term and we would love to have her again
The LR is patient, understanding and good at explaining things to the kids. She went above and beyond to hand paint some “Pins” for the kids as a trophy to keep!

WA Bowl Patrol Centre of the Year – Bunbury Tenpin Bowling Centre a new centre and so passionate and supportive of the program. The staff, Linda and Ken and Lane Ranger, Rick,  support and advertise the program at every opportunity, through local schools and community organisations. They are active in using both the State sports vouchers #KidSport and social media to get more exposure for the program. This Centre had the highest participation numbers in WA and are the only regional Centre running the program. Bunbury Tenpin used creative advertising methods and paid for one lucky participant’s fee for the Program in term 4. They also worked with their local community to offer weekly payments to ensure that the program was affordable and accessible for all. They are committed to the development of juniors in the sport and now starting their own Junior League based on the success of the Bowl Patrol in 2019.

Our 2019 Queensland winners are…

Qld Bowl Patrol Centre of the Year – Logan City Tenpin The team at Logan City Tenpin has done a terrific job in 2019 of capturing an audience that loves the Bowl Patrol program. Most participants have either come back for a second program, joined a junior bridging league and recommended the program to friends and family. Logan City has worked incredibly hard to make sure that the level of coaching is of value and also enjoyable. The last two programs of the year they have really found their stride recording 25 participants. In addition, they look for interesting promotional opportunities and encourage their community to become Lane Rangers – running training twice this year resulting in over 10 new Lane Rangers. This award is testament to the hard work they have been displaying to support the Bowl Patrol Program, well done to the team at Logan City Tenpin.

Qld Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year – Sophie Paterson Sophie has done a fantastic job of implementing the Bowl Patrol program in 2019 in Rockhampton. As it is very new there was potentially going to be the struggle getting people down to the centre to participate in the program, however, that did not stop Sophie. Her proactive nature in promoting the program both in centre and around the town is testament to her and the success that she has had in 2019. Sophie’s work with children with a disability that come into the centre, to participate in Bowl Patrol, is second to none and shouldn’t be overlooked. Her support for the Bowl Patrol program doesn’t go unnoticed. Congratulations to Sophie Paterson for winning the Qld Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year Award.

NB: despite a number of requests there was no nomination for Patroller Boy or Patroller Girl of the Year in Queensland. They all shone as brightly as each other!

Congratulations to our winners in Queensland and Western Australia. Wondering who won in your State or Territory? Keep an eye on Tenpin.org.au’s news this week.