2021 National Rankings Finalised

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
October 21, 2021

The National Rankings for 2021 are finalised following the conclusion of the 2021 ranked event season.

With the adoption of the base principle of wanting the bowlers to bowl wherever possible, 2021 saw a 114% increase in completed ranked events compared to 2020. Last year saw a total of 7 events completed compared to 15 of the 24 events this year.

As 2021 progressed into the later stages, the complexities surrounding COVID-19 and border restrictions made it increasingly harder for tournament organisers to see their events proceed.

“We thank all the tournament organisers from around the country for their cooperation in what was another difficult year to navigate,” said TBA Events Manager Kortnee Morcus. “We also want to thank the bowlers for their understanding of cancellations due to elements out of our control. We are happy that more events were completed in 2021 and hope 2022 will play out with increased completion”.

“I can understand that to many athletes, 2021 was another frustratingly restrictive year in relation to our National Events. However, with 15 events that did proceed, it was great to see so many of our top athletes out and competing where they could,” praised TBA HP Manager Mike Griffith. “2021 saw some outstanding performances by our leading bowlers, giving us hope that the future of our sport is just looking for an opportunity to shine.”

Ten divisions fight for ranking points throughout the year.

  • Junior Female
  • Junior Male
  • Youth Female
  • Youth Male
  • Women’s
  • Open
  • Senior Female
  • Senior Male
  • Grand Senior Female
  • Grand Senior Male

Ranking points are recorded only for bowlers competing in a ranked event and if they have registered for rankings and has silver level membership. From first place, all the way down to 99th place are awarded ranking points if they meet the eligibility requirements. The maximum number of points received in an event is 100 points.

The Grand Seniors, Seniors, Open, Women’s and Youth division winners will receive $1000 and a winner’s Plaque. In addition, the Junior division winners will each receive a $500 voucher to be used for any TBA Ranked Events or TBA National Team payments within the following 12 months and a winner’s plaque.

We congratulate all the 2021 winners in this unique year!

The 2021 TBA Australian Junior Masters champion collected the maximum 100 points in Tasmania and runner up in the Queensland Junior Cup and TBA21 Masters.

Top 5 Rankings Female Junior Division

  1. Emily Hart (SA) – 260 points
  2. Ashlyn Mohr (WA) – 139 points
  3. Emily Meehan (NSW) – 138 points
  4. Tamika Pettigrew (QLD) – 122 points
  5. Jessica Canfield (QLD) – 105 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Junior Division

The junior NTS member from Mt Warren Lanes in Queensland finished with 230 points for the season. Claiming the TBA Australian Junior Masters, Colmer also received 65 points from the Queensland Junior Cup and TBA21 Master events.

Top 5 Rankings Junior Male Division

  1. Jack Colmer (QLD) – 230 points
  2. Blake Walsh (NSW) – 180 points
  3. Jordan Harrold (QLD) – 140 points
  4. Liam George (TAS) – 113 points
  5. Liam Cochrane (SA) – 98 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Junior Division

Tasmanian Sarah Pennicott collected 144 points from the Sydney Youth Cup, TBA Adult Masters and TBA21 Master events.

Top 5 Rankings Female Youth Division

  1. Sarah Pennicott (TAS) – 144 points
  2. Emily Bottomley (QLD) – 122 points
  3. Ivy Dickinson (QLD) – 112 points
  4. Emily Johnston (NSW) – 100 points
  5. Hannah Clark (QLD) – 90 points

Ranked Recaps:

Full Results Youth Division

Winning his inaugural ranked event at the Sydney Youth Cup, Ellis would also collect points at the  TBA Adult Masters, and TBA21 Master events.

Top 5 Rankings Male Youth Division

  1. Jesse Ellis (QLD) – 210 points
  2. Cameron Stein (QLD) – 161 points
  3. Blake Walsh (NSW) – 145 points
  4. Jordan Dinham (NSW) – 110 points
  5. Mitchell Williams (QLD) – 100 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Youth Division

Consistent performances in four events saw the Australian superstar gather a total of 310 points and sit on the top of this year’s rankings. Receiving maximum points at the Vic150, runner up at the TBA Australian Masters event in Hobart, and top-four finishes at both the Darwin Tenpin Cup and Queensland Ladies Classic, Whiting had an outstanding year in one of the more completed divisions for the year.

Top 5 Rankings Women’s Division

  1. Rebecca Whiting (VIC) – 310 points
  2. Kaitlyn Commane (VIC) – 210 points
  3. Rebekah Commane (VIC) – 205 points
  4. Jaimie-Lee Spiller (VIC) – 175 points
  5. Angela Fan (ACT) – 168 points

Ranked Recaps:

Full Results Women’s Division

The Australian representative took out this year’s award after competing in two of the division’s three events in 2021. Winning his third straight Kegel Queensland Open, the Queenslander would receive maximum points followed by a runner up result in the Australian Open.

Top 5 Rankings Open Division

  1. Jarrod Langford (QLD) – 180 points
  2. Adam Hayes (VIC) 120 points
  3. Cameron Stein (QLD) 116 points
  4. Jordan Dinham (NSW) 110 points
  5. David Porto (VIC) 100 points

Ranked Recaps:

Full Results Open Division

In her debut season in the division, Babic would bowl four events and collect maximum points from wins at both the TBA50 Cup and her home state’s SA Seniors Classic.

Top 5 Female Senior Division Rankings

  1. Jo Babic (SA) – 323 points
  2. Sue Cassell (QLD) – 246 points
  3. Christine Clark (VIC) – 210 points
  4. Cheryl Womack (QLD) – 200 points
  5. Janet Baker (ACT) – 148 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Seniors Division

Winning the 2021 John Sullivan Seniors Australian Open, Muir would provide consistent results throughout his four bowled events. Runner up in the TBA50 Cup and Queensland Hammer Classic and collecting 65 points at the SA Seniors Classic, Muir would finish on 325 points in the division.

Top 5 Male Senior Division Rankings

  1. Michael Muir (WA) – 325 points
  2. Morty Douglass (QLD) – 238 points
  3. Tony Hamilton ( QLD) – 195 points
  4. Steve Smith (NSW) – 150 points
  5. Brett Smith (VIC) – 138 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Seniors Division

After collecting a maximum of 100 points from her first-place finish place in the division at the TBA60 Cup, Morris would finish with 245 points from three performances.

Top 5 Grand Senior Female Rankings

  1. Jill Morris (SA) – 245 points
  2. Robyn Flynn (VIC) – 200 points
  3. Julie Harrison (QLD) – 180 points
  4. Jenny Burton-Douglass (ACT) – 168 points
  5. Janine Matheson (NT) – 135 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Grand Seniors Division

Bowling in three events, Queenslander Graeme Morgan would finish with a total of 161 points from performances at the Queensland Hammer, John Sullivan Seniors AO, and SA Seniors Classic.

Top 5 Grand Senior Male Rankings

  1. Graeme Morgan (QLD) – 161 points
  2. David Farquharson (VIC) – 138 points
  3. Terry Bissell (QLD) – 108 points
  4. Bob Whybrow (NSW) – 106 points
  5. Garry Crick (TAS) – 100 points

Ranked Recaps:

Final Results Grand Seniors Division