By Matt Stevens
December 16, 2020

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has today announced the 2021 National Training Squad (NTS).

Following an unprecedented year where no Australian teams travelled to international competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all 2020 NTS athletes were able to maintain their positions in their squads if they adhered to the basic requirements throughout the year.

“COVID put the world on hold” said High Performance Manager Mike Griffith. “The 2020 athletes were selected at the end of 2019, yet were unable to bowl, train or compete for much of the year. In addition, events and travel were cancelled all over the country for all, so no other athletes outside the NTS could qualify fairly either. It was only fair to roll the athletes over into 2021”.

Successful athletes officially selected have all been notified of their positions and signed agreements accepting the opportunity.

“The year of 2020 left us empty, with many what if’s and lost opportunities. Although the New Year is still very unsure, with many dates still tentative and international travel still off the books, we hope to make the most of what we can do here in Australia. 2021 will see many changes to what was the norm, with new initiatives, and a local development focus towards our plans and NTS squads”.

“With travel still limited and expensive across Australia, there may be more State based activity in 2021 than in the past (such as Development Days or events), which will be opportunities for coaches and athletes alike to come together to learn from our Head Coaches, bowl with NTS Athletes, and get tips on how to make it to the top.”

There are five National Training Squads – Junior, Youth, Adult Women, Adult Men and Senior. Although there are five squads, there is one TEAM AUSTRALIA. It is an expectation that all athletes and coaches will accept and work laterally with each other, helping to develop a package of athletes and support staff that is supportive and encouraging to each other, working towards the same vision.

The NTS aims to provide the best opportunities available to develop our elite athletes.

The squad will remain current for 12 months, from 1st January to 31st December each year, commencing from the 1st of January in the year in which the athlete was inducted into the squad.

“If any athlete feels like they have missed an opportunity to be in the NTS in 2021, remember this:  TBA has the right to add anyone to the NTS at any time throughout the year – if it is warranted or justified. We need the best Athletes in our squads at all times. Continued great performances and dedication will be noticed, so keep working hard and developing as an athlete”.

Team Australia 2021 – NTS Athletes and Coaches/Managers


Head Coach: Shane Bernhardt
Assistant Coach: Bianca Flanagan
Assistant Coach: Simon Pearce
Managers: Jamie and Dee Taafe


Blake Walsh QLD
Brayden Warren VIC
Connor Bishop QLD
Cooper Hillyer VIC
Jack Colmer QLD
Jordan Harrold QLD
Liam Cochrane SA
Liam George TAS
Nicholas Rajkovic VIC
Ryan Chi NSW
Tarkyn Percy SA
Trent McDougall VIC


Alethea Mata VIC
Ashlyn Mohr WA
Bridget Perkins TAS
Emily Hart SA
Emily Meehan NSW
Emma Blunden WA
Hannah Clark QLD
Jessica Canfield QLD
Lilly Wilson QLD
Maddisyn LeFevre VIC
Micaylah Downey NSW
Samantha Clifton NSW
Shanae Key VIC


Head Coach: Geoff Bowness
Assistant Coach: Peter Finitsis
Manager: Roselee Oakley


Callum Borck WA
Jesse Ellis QLD
Will Clark NSW
Kaleb Coyne QLD
Bernie Grueso Jnr VIC
Nixon Chan NSW
Cameron Stein QLD
Mitchell Williams QLD
Bevan Brooke VIC
Matthew Purser QLD
Dylan Rankin VIC


Emily Johnston NSW
Ivy Dickinson QLD
Samantha Bramley VIC
Sarah Pennicott TAS
Emily Bottomley QLD
Brooklyn Brooks SA
Simone LaVars SA
Megan Bramley VIC
Kiara Clark NSW
Jamie Phelan – International


Head Coach: Robert Alexander
Assistant Coach: Hayden George
Assistant Coach: Don Lindsay
Manager: Lyn Alexander


Rebecca Whiting VIC
Dena Buxton VIC
Bec Martin VIC
Rebecca Voukolos NT
Jaimie-Lee Spiller SA
Jenny Notman VIC
Jaime Maglieri NT
Alexia Hicks NSW
Emma Williamson VIC
Siarn Ottaviano WA
Chloe Jones QLD
Emma Stephens NSW
Kylie Bailey QLD
Grace Perry SA
Rebekah Commane – International


Head Coach: Chris Batson
Assistant Coach: Hayden George
Assistant Coach: Don Lindsay
Manager: Lyn Alexander


Jarrod Langford QLD
Adam Hayes VIC
Chris Watson WA
Chris Castle VIC
Matthew Krinis SA
Robert Townsend ACT
Jayden Leming QLD
Brendan Meads QLD
Trent Webber SA
Michael Murray VIC
Sam Cooley – NSW/International
Jason Belmonte – NSW/International


Head Coach: Eric Jang
Assistant Coach: Bill Gardiner
Assistant Coach: Bob Whybrow
Manager: Janine Matheson


Andrew Lloyd NSW
Warren Stewart VIC
Shaun Cummings NSW
Mick Talevski VIC
Andrew Thorpe VIC
David Farquharson VIC
Mike Muir WA
Graeme Morgan QLD
Jim Karakostas NSW
Chris Bateup NSW
Ashley Riley TAS
Barry Dodds VIC
Brett Smith VIC
Andrew Frawley International


Sue Cassell QLD
Christine Clark VIC
Julie Harrison QLD
Jenny Burton-Douglas ACT
Robyn Flynn VIC
Janet Baker ACT
Suzanne Wenzel QLD
Tracey Crisp QLD
Cheryl Womack QLD
Mary Dodds VIC

For any further information on the NTS or National teams please contact TBA High Performance Manager – Mike Griffith via [email protected]


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