2022 Bowl Patrol Awards Announced

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 15, 2023

Finalists have been announced for the annual 2022 Bowl Patrol Awards.

The Bowl Patrol awards acknowledge stand-out efforts from Patrollers, Centres, and Lane Rangers in making Bowl Patrol Tenpin Bowling Australia’s national junior program.

Finalists are awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Bowl Patrollers
  • Best Bowl Patrol Centre 
  • Best Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger 

We understand and acknowledge the village of volunteers, administrators, parents/carers, families, teachers, and many others who inspire the next generation of Aussie bowlers.

Congratulations to the following finalists who’ve made a particularly significant impact on Bowl Patrol in 2022:

Ethan Wright – Zone Bowling Cross Road (SA)

Ethan has done several terms of the program and has slowly progressed through to be on the full lane. He is a delightful boy who really enjoys his tenpin bowling and works very hard to achieve his wristbands.  He listens and tries his best to do what is required and we can see a great improvement in his game.  His goal is to join the Junior League.  

Dominique Laderach – Zone Bowling Tuggeranong (ACT)

Dominique has attended every session throughout the year and is committed to developing his technique. This year Dominique has managed to develop great timing, swing plane, and a repeatable release creating consistency, he has now matured to working on the mental game and sparing methodologies. His technique development has resulted in a very impressive high score of 110 this term with every frame closed.

Cade McConnell-Brown – Oz Tenpin Geelong (VIC)

Cade has had shown great talent, he has never given up when his shot didn’t go right and has helped his brother during the sessions when he was having trouble. His Lane Ranger Claire is excited to see Cade’s commitment and progress and knows the youngster will enjoy a lifetime of tenpin bowling with the skills he’s learned in Bowl Patrol.

Jasper Smart – Xplosions Bowl Melton (VIC)

Jasper has really improved his bowling across the year, to the point where he has scored 104 and 101 in his most recent sessions. Jasper’s efforts have not gone unnoticed with many in the centre remarking on his skill. He shows great enthusiasm for the sport and could one day, represent his state at a national championship.

Harper Mundraby – Logan City Tenpin (QLD)

Harper did Bowl Patrol at Logan City Tenpin with our incredible Lane Rangers in Term 3 of 2022. Inspired by the other bowlers achieving on the pathways around her, she now bowls in the centre’s Junior League and comes to group junior coaching. Harper will start doing Junior tournaments in the Tenpin Queensland Inc.’s Under 23’s Challenge.

Sara Roussos – Zone Bowling Mount Gravatt (QLD)

Sara’s first term of Bowl Patrol was in Term 2 2022 when her school received Sporting Schools (Club Connect) funding. She was hooked staying registered in Term 3 to work on her abilities. Sara continually tries hard and listens to instructions and tries her best. Sara is a quiet achiever on the lanes, but she will give encouragement to others! We’re excited to see her join the brand-new Junior League at Mount Gravatt in 2023.

Darius Viney – Launceston Lanes (TAS)

Darius has been involved in the Bowl Patrol program for over four terms and has improved his game immensely. He has worked hard to get to where he is now with his four-step approach and onto the last level of the program. Darius has shown up each week with a positive and determined attitude and is always willing to give something new a go. Darius has shown great resilience through the hard weeks when trying to get the hang of new skills and when things weren’t going his way, but he is now ready to join his first junior league.

Amani Biundo – Zone Bowling Morley (WA)

Amani participated in all four terms of 2022 (and two in 2021). Amani was a right-handed bowler when she first started to bowl. Then, Amani decided to switch to left-handed, before ultimately going back to right-handed! All part of the learning process, she has been persistent and achieved her green wristband in week 1 of Term 1 2022. The next, more challenging blue wristband is an opportunity she looks forward to. Amani interacts with the other participants really well and also enjoys her solo sessions. Her Lane Ranger Moira says Amani’s smile at the start of every session is a joy to see, adding “if her dream comes true, we will see her competing on a national and international level!”

Jack Roberts – Zone Bowling Joondalup (WA)

Jack did all four terms of Bowl Patrol in 2022. Jack achieved his white band in week 1, his yellow in week 2, orange in week 3, and green in week 7. In Term 2, Jack applied himself to improving skills and succeeded in week 6 in achieving his blue band. In Term 3, the black band eluded him but he came back in Term 4 and kept trying. He was usually the first to arrive and headed straight to the lanes to practice. When he arrived on week 7 of Term 4, it was with a look of determination. His concentration was focused; his style was superb and he scored 105! Jack is always polite and supportive. He listens and acts on what is suggested and has developed a sound self-awareness of what he needs to do.

Zone Bowling Noarlunga (SA)

For a small, South Australian centre, these guys ‘punch above their weight’ in terms of supporting the children and families of Noarlunga to enjoy learning to bowl. Despite the assumed turnover of casual staff at this centre, manager Jarrad has never given up – offering multiple programs a term to cater to the local demand.

In 2022 the centre welcomed over 32 Patrollers through its doors and into the Bowl Patrol program. Graduates can join the Junior League and are now seen in the SA’s Junior tournaments regularly. Helping families process SA government’s ‘Sport Vouchers’ means parent/carers are supported to enable their children to bowl for free.

Often stepping in as Lane Ranger where required, their centre manager completed a Level 1 Tenpin Bowling coach accreditation in 2022. Stepping up in the Sporting Schools and Club Connect space to show students and teachers that regular bowling is only a step away!

Logan City Tenpin (QLD)

Logan City ran all four terms of Bowl Patrol for 2022 with support across each lane using some of the National Training Squad athletes and Bowl Patrol graduates to support and inspire. Additionally, Logan City shared all the Bowl Patrol content to all Facebook community pages in the area and closed school Facebook pages, and put the program on the back of their scoresheets.

Patrollers at the centre, after completing the Bowl Patrol program, graduate to a league called ‘Rangers’ and after 15 weeks of this league receive a bowling ball! The centre is truly committed to the next generation of bowlers and leads by example. Running tournament and training opportunities, employing local bowlers, and supporting families to access Fair Play sport vouchers.

Centre manager Janine works tirelessly to support the local community, going above and beyond, we know her efforts are already paying off with junior graduates bowling perfect 300 games. Incredible!

Zone Bowling Joondalup (WA)

Joondalup has hosted the program for a while and post-COVID was supported to run with very low numbers. The manager, Carol, and assistant manager, Tahla have ensured the lanes are reserved and ready. Both recognise the impact of supporting young bowlers, providing opportunities to play an affordable sport, and encouraging families to use the WA Government’s KidSport vouchers.

Tahla usually has the names up on the screen ready to go about an hour before the first participant even arrives.  This level of care makes the participants feel very welcome and considered. Any changes required are usually addressed in a timely manner. In Term 4, minutes before the session was due to start, the centre accommodated 6 late enrolments without a blink.

This centre also hosted the filming of the promotional Bowl Patrol video in a very accommodating manner. The carpets are located in an accessible location even though space is at a premium. Carol is also supportive of the Sporting Schools program recognising this funded opportunity presents a pathway into learning how to bowl at the centre.

Jaime Maglieri (Logan City Tenpin – QLD) has been nominated for her excellent work as a Lane Ranger. Jaime has been said to have had patience with all bowlers and takes time with each person, Jaime shows the kids why she loves the sport of Tenpin bowling.
Jaime is the QLD winner of the 2022 award.

Graeme Bennion (Zone Bowling Mt Gravatt – QLD) was nominated in acknowledgment of all of his time, encouragement, and continued support to learner bowlers in south-east Queensland. Graeme has endless patience, not only with the bowlers but the assisting Lane Rangers and centre staff too. In addition to delivering Sporting Schools programs, he has taken a class of learner Bowl Patrollers through to regular junior league bowlers.

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