2022 Tenpin World Cup Recap – 15 November 2022

By kristiemiddleton
November 15, 2022

Day Four of Tenpin World Cup competition determined the TOP 32 Men for their next phase of the Championship at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

A full wrap of the Para Bowling World Cup is HERE for you see what has occurred in leadup to today’s competition and you can access the details from the previous day’s competition HERE.

For all the results – use the link below and click on any of the games, for all the detail.

A reversal of the format saw the Groups tackle Block 2 today with the Group D and Group C Women and Men cycling through their rounds, and like yesterday there was a tie to decide the very last position for the Top 32 Men.

There is another block for the women, which means these five games, do not require the positional play – Stefanie Johnson from the USA and Janin Ribguth of Germany took out the top positions on their respective ladders.

Both women moved from their second positions on the ladder in Block 1 to take the lead in Block Two, with the Siti of Singapore and Natasha of Maylasia relinquishing their lead and moving into the second positions.

Stefanie Johnson said of her Block “I don’t think that there was much difference in the conditions out there today, it just the way that I played the lanes, it was a little better.”

Given her 5 Win and 0 Losses for this round, the American strategy seems solid, “I am going to start the next round how I ended this round.  I do know that the lanes can play differently, but it is just a matter of really paying attention to what everyone is doing and adjusting my reactions”.

With the Men reaching the end of their Blocks for this phase of the Competition, the last game for each Block sees them enter Positional Play – and for Group D, the standings were not clear under the very end. Losses to some would mean positions in top 8 opening up for others and when it was all done, for Group D – Hupe, Weichert, Dinham, Tsend, Ismail, Andersson, Butturiff and Alsuwaidi are all moving through to the Top 32.

Group C started strongly to conclude the days play and round out the Top 32 and the finished in spectacular style with a four-way tie to determine the last coveted spot.

Lavoie, Syahmi, Drevenstedt and Stretton all tied on 21 points and it was a final roll off that separated them to see Nu’Man Syahmi from Singapore in position 8 and taking the last spot on the roster for the next phase of the competition.

These Men move through to the next Round:

In alphabetical order:

AJ Johnson  USA
Blake  Brooks  NZL
Eric Tseng   HKG
Eugene Yeo  SGP
Hakim Tun  MAS
Israel Hernandez   PUR
Jakob Butturff  USA
James  Blomgren  SWE
Jan Macek  CZE
Jaris Goh  SGP
Jaroslav Lorenc  CZE
Jason  Belmonte   AUS
Jesper  Svensson   SWE
Jordan Dinham  PHP
Kris Prather  USA
Kyle Troup  USA
Martin  Larsen   SWE
Merwin Tan  PHP
Michael  MAK  HKG
Mitch Hupe  CAN
Nayef  Equb  UAE
Nu’man Syahmi  SGP
Patrick Weichert  GER
Paul Purps  GER
Pontus  Andersson   SWE
Rafiq Ismail  MAS
Sam Cooley  AUS
Syafiq  Ridhwan  MAS
Timmy Tan  MAS

Sunday, 20 November will see the next Singles phase play out across these matches for the Men – to join us and watch the action you can purchase tickets HERE.

Tomorow, on Day 5 of the World Cup – we are an all-female athlete competition day that will determine our Top 16 Women, scheduled to play at 5pm on Sunday, 20 November 2022.

12:00 – Women Group C, Block 3

14:15 – Women Group D, Block 3

16:30 – Women Group A, Block 3

18:45 – Women Group B, Block 3

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Shayna Ng SGPBec Whiting AUSAnna Andersson  SWEKrizziah Tabora PHP
Li Jane Sin MASJenny  Wegner  SWEDanielle McEwan USABek Martin AUS
Lara  Posadas PHPBryanna Cote USACherie Tan SGPSarah Young  NZL
Christine  Rota  NZLEsther Cheah MASJanin Ribguth GERColleen Pee SGP
Chloe Clague AUSBirgit Noreiks GERMaria Arles PHPStefanie Johnson USA
Cajsa  Wegner  SWEDayna  Haylock  NZLGrace Fahy AUSSaskia Malz GER
Jordan Richard USARachelle Leon PHPSiti  Safiyah MASJosefin Hermansson SWE
Sabrina Laub GERHui Fen New SGPMelonie  Lister  NZLNatasha Roslan MAS

Round 1 – Individual Competition (Bowlers participating singularly earning points and position for their team and the top 8 from each group in the Men’s Division qualify for the Top 32 and the top 4 from each group in the Women’s Division qualify for Top 16)

Round 2 – Singles Top 32 (men) Top 16 (women) bracket matches

Round 3 – Finals (Quarter, Semi, Bronze, Final)

  • An impartial and random draw will be conducted to place athletes into four groups (Group A, B, C, D), each group containing one athlete from each federation.
  • The number of federations participating in the singles is 13 Men and 8 Women. Each group in the Men’s and Women’s Division will bowl match-play within their group.

13 Men’s federations in each group (A,B,C, and D), then further divided via a draw of names. (There will be bye in each group to ensure each athlete bowls the same number of games)

8 Women’s federations in each group (A,B,C and D)

  • Athletes will bowl one game matches in their group according to a predetermined schedule. The last match will be a position round.
  • Points will be allocated on the following basis;

Three Points for a win

One point for a tie

Zero for a loss

  • At the conclusion of Round 1 there will be a ranking in a global leaderboard combining the scores of each individual athlete as one leaderboard for the nation they represent.
  • Ties for positions within leaderboard will be broken by highest last game (combined) in qualification. If a tie still exists, it is broken by highest 2nd last game and so forth until tie is broken


  • Men – 13 federations four groups of 13 (Bowler A, B, C, D assigned to a Group via a draw).
  • Women – 8 federations four groups of 10 (Bowler A, B, C, D assigned to a Group via a draw).

If you are at the event we would love to see your photos you capture! Make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #tenpinwc22

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