2022 Tenpin World Cup What’s On Today, Wednesday 16 November 2022

By kristiemiddleton
November 16, 2022

DAY 5 – 2022 Tenpin World Cup is all female athlete affair to finish the Single Blocks at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

You can follow along with LIVE UPDATES on our Daily Blog – which includes interviews with the winner of each block.

Wednesday’s Schedule includes:

12:00 – Women Group C, Block 3

14:15 – Women Group D, Block 3

16:30 – Women Group A, Block 3

18:45 – Women Group B, Block 3

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Shayna Ng SGPBec Whiting AUSAnna Andersson  SWEKrizziah Tabora PHP
Li Jane Sin MASJenny  Wegner  SWEDanielle McEwan USABek Martin AUS
Lara  Posadas PHPBryanna Cote USACherie Tan SGPSarah Young  NZL
Christine  Rota  NZLEsther Cheah MASJanin Ribguth GERColleen Pee SGP
Chloe Clague AUSBirgit Noreiks GERMaria Arles PHPStefanie Johnson USA
Cajsa  Wegner  SWEDayna  Haylock  NZLGrace Fahy AUSSaskia Malz GER
Jordan Richard USARachelle Leon PHPSiti  Safiyah MASJosefin Hermansson SWE
Sabrina Laub GERHui Fen New SGPMelonie  Lister  NZLNatasha Roslan MAS

The WOMENS Pool Match Ups – can be accessed HERE

The MENS Pool Match Ups – can be accessed HERE

The GROUP List for Singles Format – can be accessed HERE

All blocks in today’s play will include the positional final game, and the top 4 athletes from each Group will proceed into the next phases of the Singles competition. Where there is a tie for fourth place, as there was for eighth place in two of the Men’s Group, there will be a roll off to determine the fourth position and who progresses to the next round. So we are ready for some tense final game action!

Today will also see our international guests once again visit Australian Zoo – for some of our competitors it will be their second trip, and others will take up the opportunity for a Surf Life Saving demonstration at our local Alex Beach Surf Club – learning to swim in the epic Australian oceans safely with our iconic volunteer lifeguards.

Round 1 – Individual Competition (Bowlers participating singularly earning points and position for their team and the top 8 from each group in the Men’s Division qualify for the Top 32 and the top 4 from each group in the Women’s Division qualify for Top 16)

Round 2 – Singles Top 32 (men) Top 16 (women) bracket matches

Round 3 – Finals (Quarter, Semi, Bronze, Final)

  • An impartial and random draw will be conducted to place athletes into four groups (Group A, B, C, D), each group containing one athlete from each federation.
  • The number of federations participating in the singles is 13 Men and 8 Women. Each group in the Men’s and Women’s Division will bowl match-play within their group.

13 Men’s federations in each group (A,B,C, and D), then further divided via a draw of names. (There will be bye in each group to ensure each athlete bowls the same number of games)

8 Women’s federations in each group (A,B,C and D)

  • Athletes will bowl one game matches in their group according to a predetermined schedule. The last match will be a position round.
  • Points will be allocated on the following basis;

Three Points for a win

One point for a tie

Zero for a loss

  • At the conclusion of Round 1 there will be a ranking in a global leaderboard combining the scores of each individual athlete as one leaderboard for the nation they represent.
  • Ties for positions within leaderboard will be broken by highest last game (combined) in qualification. If a tie still exists, it is broken by highest 2nd last game and so forth until tie is broken


  • Men – 13 federations four groups of 13 (Bowler A, B, C, D assigned to a Group via a draw).
  • Women – 8 federations four groups of 10 (Bowler A, B, C, D assigned to a Group via a draw).

If you are at the event we would love to see your photos you capture! Make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #tenpinwc22

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