2023 Tenpin Bowling Australia National Rankings Finalised

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 21, 2023

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is pleased to announce the final national rankings following the conclusion of the 2023 ranked event season.

The 2023 season saw many fantastic highlights, including the introduction of the Inclusion Division for the first time in the history of the sport.

“I want to thank the wonderful tournament directors of these major events across the country,” said TBA National Bowling & Operations Manager Nathan Stein. “Without them and the amazing bowlers that attend these events, there are no ranked events!”.

Eleven divisions fight for ranking points throughout the year.

  • Junior Female
  • Junior Male
  • Youth Female
  • Youth Male
  • Women’s
  • Open
  • Senior Female
  • Senior Male
  • Grand Senior Female
  • Grand Senior Male
  • Inclusion

Ranking points are recorded only for bowlers who have silver-level membership before bowling a ball in the ranked event they participate.  From first place all the way down to 99th place, they are awarded ranking points if they meet the eligibility requirements. The maximum number of points received in an event is 100 points.

The total of rankings points is calculated on the following basis:

  • Senior Female & Male – Best 3 Senior Events
  • Grand Senior Female & Male – Best 3 Senior Events
  • Open – Best 3 Open events, and the Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters
  • Women’s – Best 3 Women’s division events, and the Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters
  • Youth Female and Male – Best 3 Youth Events, best Open/Women’s Ranked event (Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters recognised as an Open event)
  • Junior Female & Male –  Best 2 Junior events, best Youth/Women’s/Open ranked event and the TBA Junior Masters

The Grand Seniors, Seniors, Open, Women’s, and Youth division winners will receive $1000 and a winner’s Plaque. In addition, the Junior division winners will each receive a $500 voucher to be used for any TBA Ranked Events or TBA National Team payments within the following 12 months and a winner’s plaque.

Tenpin Bowling Australia congratulates the following ranking winners of each division for the 2023 season.

TBA Junior Division

A total of 56 Females & 70 Males received ranking points in junior events in 2023.

Top 5 Junior Female Bowlers

Top 5 Junior Male Bowlers

Blake Walsh (NSW) – 360 points

Nicholas Rajkovic (VIC) – 314

Jackson Buckingham (QLD) – 217

Sam Coombs (NSW) – 216

Justin Dinham (NSW) – 181

TBA Youth Division

A total of 45 females and 64 males registered for rankings in youth events in 2023.

Top 5 Youth Female Bowlers

Tamika Pettigrew (QLD) – 312

Ellieh Bowman (QLD) – 210

Hannah Clark (QLD) – 208

Bridget Perkins (TAS) – 175

Brooklyn Brooks (SA) 166

Top 5 Youth Male Bowlers

Cameron Stein (QLD) – 242

Justin Dinham (NSW) – 227

Blake Walsh (NSW) – 225

Ben Pettit (NZ) – 201

Matthew Purser (QLD) – 177

TBA Open Division

A total of 311 bowlers registered for rankings in Open division events in 2023.

Congratulations to Victoria’s Bek Martin for finishing as the highest female on the open standings, finishing in an incredible 7th place.

Top 5 Open Bowlers

Adam Hayes (VIC) – 300 points

Bernie Grueso Jnr (VIC) – 212

Blake Walsh (NSW) – 191

Blayne Fletcher (QLD) – 185

Jesse Ellis (QLD) – 150

TBA Women’s Division

A total of 83 bowlers registered for rankings in Women’s Division events in 2023.

That she did, with a smile always beaming across her face no matter the result, Bec’s an incredible role model for aspiring bowlers.

Top 5 Women Bowlers

Bec Whiting (VIC) – 288

Bek Martin (VIC) – 280

Alicia Melton (QLD) – 181

Bianca Flanagan – 170

Madeline Fitzroy – 162

TBA Senior Division

A total of 52 females and 145 males registered for rankings in senior division events in 2023.

Top 5 Senior Female Bowlers

Dena Buxton (VIC) – 280 points

Sue Cassell (QLD) – 260

Christine Clark (VIC) – 196

Jo Babic (SA) – 161

Heather Robertson (QLD) – 153

Top 5 Senior Male Bowlers

Mick Talevski (VIC) – 226

Ashley Riley (TAS) – 201

Michael Muir (SA) – 195

Brett Smith (VIC) – 137

Andrew Thorpe (VIC) – 134

TBA Grand Senior Division

A total of 14 Females and 49 Males registered for rankings in Grand Senior Division events in 2023.

Top 5 Grand Senior Female Bowlers

Heather Robertson (QLD) – 300 points

Kaye Talbot (NT) – 176

Vivienne Bissell (QLD) – 165

Maxine Forest (WA) – 145

Jill Morris (SA) – 145

Top 5 Grand Senior Male Bowlers

Jim Bakirtzidis (NSW) – 300

David Farquharson (VIC) – 225

Terry Bissell (QLD) – 191

Roy Andrews (NT) – 152

Bob Whybrow (NSW) – 134

TBA Inclusion Division

A total of 62 bowlers registered for rankings in the TBA Inclusion Division in 2023.

Top 5 TBA Inclusion Female Bowlers

Top 5 TBA Inclusion Male Bowlers

Pino Mascetti (VIC) – 160 points

Jason Threlfall (VIC) – 158

Kallan Strong (NSW) – 155

Tyler Allen (QLD) – 155

Ashley Poelstra (QLD) – 154

The 2023 TBA Tournament season has come to a close, and we have our champions!

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes to congratulate this year’s champions and all bowlers who tested themselves against the best in 2023!

Keep an eye out for entry forms and information on 2024 ranked events. You can read more here – and visit the events page on our website, which will be updated in early 2024.