2024 National Junior Champs Hub

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
April 11, 2024

Presentations are underway!

and the biggest congratulations goes to ……

More to come with presentation pictures and the third day recap!

The girl’s division is now completed after finishing their 20th game. The boys are currently on the lanes for the final 21st game of their shield event.

Setting up the awards!

Game 19 of TBA President’s Junior Shield and yet another 300 game!

This time on the male side of the competition, Victorian, Nicholas Rajkovic!

Congratulations on your 300 game Nic!

This is the 7th 300 game bowled by a male bowler in the history of President’s Shield.

Congratulations to Chloe Gee from Victoria!

Chloe bowled her first 300 game of her career this afternoon in the 18th game of Shield!

What a performance!

This is the second 300 game bowled by a female bowler in the history of the President’s Shield. The first? Bianca Flanagan from South Queensland in 2004.

Check out the movers and shakers from the finalised standings on TenpinResults below.

One more day left! Who will take out the titles!?

We will post a recap on today’s action a bit later.

Bowlers are currently bowling game 12 and will conclude after game 14 is completed.

There has already been some movement within the standings with Northern NSW taking the lead in the female division. Lots of bowling to go!

A slideshow of pictures is up in between scoring screens of the trip to Aussie World the other day which is providing some giggles and good memories as bowlers continue their President’s Shield journey!

A big shoutout to Nathan Stein, who is celebrating his birthday today at his first junior nationals as the Tournament Director!

If you see him, make sure you say happy birthday!

If you missed what happened yesterday, check out the recap from last night.

Teams have commenced their second day of bowling with another seven games on the agenda.

Follow all the results as they are entered by clicking the button below or in the Quick Links.

Read up about the event that will take place over the next three days.

We wish bowlers the very best of luck as they represent their teams!

🎳👑 Huge congratulations to our 2024 Under 18 Tenpin Bowling Australian Junior Masters champions, Emily Hart, and Lachlan Howse! 🏆

🥇 Female Division:

  1. 🥇 Emily Hart  – 4,647
  2. 🥈 Bella Westlake – 4,509
  3. 🥉 Vanessa Hannigan – 4,457

🥇 Male Division:

  1. 🥇 Lachlan Howse  – 5,060
  2. 🥈 Liam Cochrane – 5,027
  3. 🥉 Blayde Christensen – 4,957

Stay tuned to tenpin.org.au for the full recap later today and we will update TenpinResults later today🎉📲

The full results of today can be found by clicking the button below.

We have been provided scores with bowlers now just completing game 4 of 7.

Please click the below button to view the PDF of the current standings.

There seems to be an issue with TenpinResults this morning. The progressions are not working which is not carrying the pinfall to the final stage.

Scoring is occurring inside the centre atm as TenpinResults looks at fixing the issue.

We will report back with any updates!

The final round is underway, 30 min early today!

Here are the finalists for the under 18 Tenpin Bowling Australia Junior Masters.

Greetings from the AGL National High Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, where excitement reaches one of its peaks today! We’re set to crown the 53rd winners of the Under 18 Tenpin Bowling Australia Junior Masters just after lunch. Our top competitors will battle it out over 7 intense games of Matchplay, marking a thrilling conclusion to the first junior division nationally ranked event of 2024.

Don’t miss any of the action—catch a sneak peek with our pocket preview of today’s showdown.

The excitement doesn’t stop there; following the fierce competition, all President’s Shield groups will head to Aussie World for an afternoon filled with fun and celebratory presentations. It’s a day full of competition, celebration, and community!

The second round of the Under 18 Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters ignited the lanes this afternoon on the Sunshine Coast. With 20 bowlers from each gender, including state masters representatives and defending champions, the competition was fierce as they battled over eight games for a spot in the top 8 of the Matchplay finals.

Before the competition heated up, an interesting twist unfolded: due to a tie for the final qualifying spots, and the withdrawal of Samuel Kubik following his stellar performance in the under 14 category, both Ethan Bachmann and Layton Walker moved forward without the need for a playoff.

As the games got underway, the atmosphere was electric with scores soaring. Notably, Logan Young from Horsham Lanes bowled a near-perfect 298 in game four, while Jake Donnelly from Shellharbour Tenpin narrowly missed a perfect game with a 299 in game five.

Top qualifiers Emily Hart and Blayde Christensen continued to dominate. Despite Emily scoring slightly lower than in her qualifiers, she maintained her lead with a total of 3,053, setting her up with a 111-pin advantage going into the finals. Bella Westlake also showcased her consistency, moving up to second, while Jasmine Walker made a significant leap from tenth to third, thanks to her remarkable run of five 200+ games.

In the male division, Blayde Christensen of Townsville, fresh from his success in the TPL Next Gen event, kept up his strong performance with another five 200+ games, securing his place at the top of the leaderboard. Meanwhile, Queensland’s Lachlan Howse rose impressively from sixth to second, and South Australia’s Liam Cochrane remained a strong contender despite dropping slightly to third.

The scores have set the stage for an enthralling Matchplay finals. In the boys’ division, just 159 pins separate the top bowler to the eighth bowler, and with bonus pins in play, the final day promises to deliver suspense and excitement.

Be sure to join us at 9 AM tomorrow for the conclusion of this gripping championship!

A huge congratulations to these little legends! 🏆

Harper Mundraby and Zane Rahim have triumphed as the 2024 Under 12 Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters champions! These exceptional young bowlers have shown incredible skill and determination.

And let’s hear it for Elouise Cocks and Zavier Trajanovski, our 2024 Under 14 Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters champions! Their outstanding performances have truly set them apart.

What an incredible day of competition it has been!

Click below for a full recap of how these talented athletes concluded their journey to become the masters in their categories.

The under 12 and under 14 Masters are underway with the first two games completed of the eight games. Separate result links are provided below and in the quick links section for both to follow along at home.

Welcome to an exciting day five at the AGL National High Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast, where champions will be made! Starting at 9 AM, the spotlight shines on our youngest competitors in the u12 and u14 Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters. These finalists will roll out 8 additional games, with scores carrying over from the qualifiers. A sincere congratulations to all who have advanced, and best of luck in your final push for victory!

The excitement continues at 1 PM with the u18 Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters entering round 2. Today’s action features a critical one-game playoff to determine the final spot in the top 20. These bowlers will then proceed to play 8 additional games, aiming to secure a place in the top 8 for the Matchplay finals. Congratulations to all qualifiers!

Yesterday marked a monumental close to the championship squads. For a full rundown of the advancing names in the Master races, and to celebrate the singles and doubles champions across the Open, Classic, and A Grade divisions, check out last night’s update.

Wishing all our bowlers the best of luck and high scores today!

We will update with photos and score links once we have these.

Day four of the TBA National Junior Championship has concluded, marking an incredible chapter in the competition. An impressive total of 9 squads have taken to the lanes over the last two days, with around 1000 games of qualifying played out—a testament to the remarkable effort from everyone involved. A hearty congratulations from Tenpin Bowling Australia to all the bowlers who have competed with such commitment and spirit during these intense qualifying rounds.

We now turn our attention to the young stars in the under 12 and under 14 Master categories. The competition was fierce, and the scores were nothing short of incredible. The top 8 bowlers have now secured their spots in the final round, edging closer to the coveted Master titles.

Kudos to these remarkable young athletes for their outstanding performances. Tenpin Bowling Australia is proud to celebrate your dedication and success. Best of luck as you advance to the decisive final round!

Young Harper Mundraby, the lone warrior in the Female Under 12 category of the Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters, has truly set the lanes on fire. A league bowler from Logan City Tenpin, Harper stepped up to the challenge, delivering an impressive performance that soared beyond her entering average of 90.

With scores of 96, 126, and 111 in her first series, and 134, 100, and 92 in her second, Harper amassed commendable series totals of 333 and 326, respectively. It’s a proud moment for Harper and a promising glimpse into the future of Australian tenpin bowling.

Tenpin Bowling Australia celebrates her achievements in this year’s competition. Here’s to Harper, who has not only competed with heart but also exemplified the spirit of the game with every roll. Keep an eye on this one; she’s a star on the rise!

There are 4 bowlers in contention for the title.

  1. Zane Rahim (NSW) – 934
  2. John Hoole (QLD) – 723
  3. Jacob Love (QLD) – 713
  4. Jaxon Clark (QLD) – 706
  1. Summah Bennet (VIC) – 1073
  2. Elouise Cocks (VIC) – 1008
  3. Talia Piffero (QLD) – 987
  4. Hannah Starkey (QLD) – 970
  5. Izabella Knight (VIC) – 936
  6. Eva Price (QLD) – 930
  7. Holley Greaves (QLD) – 805
  1. Hayden Miller (QLD) – 1,356
  2. Zavier Tajanovski (NSW) – 1,328
  3. Samuel Kubik (QLD) 1,267
  4. Flynn Slade (VIC) 1,179
  5. Blayden Herewini (NZ) – 1,155
  6. Luca Mcpherson (NZ) – 1,136
  7. Karlyn Richardson (NZ) – 1,134
  8. Levi Greenhill (QLD) – 1,042

The under 12 and under 14 Australian Masters finals will kick off from 9am local time tomorrow.

Bowlers will carry over their pinfall from their best two qualifying attempts and bowl an additional eight games. The total pinfall after the 14 games in total will be declared the champions.

As the competition heats up, the nationally acclaimed U18 Tenpin Bowling Australian Masters is gearing up for an exciting second round. The top two qualifying rounds from each bowler will be crucial as they carry over into tomorrow’s round, kicking off at 1 PM. Joining the fray are all eligible state master champions along with the 2023 defending champions, rounding out a formidable field of 20 competitors per division.

With eight additional games on the horizon, bowlers will be vying for the top 8 spots, leading them to the round 3 stage—the ultimate 7-game Matchplay faceoff against the other finalists.

In a dramatic twist, the male division is witnessing a rare tie for the coveted 20th spot. Layton Walker of New Zealand and Ethan Bachmann of Mackay are deadlocked with identical scores of 1,264. In accordance with the rules, Tournament Director Nathan Stein has announced a decisive one-game playoff to determine who secures the last place for round 2.

Congratulations to all the bowlers who have earned their way to this next stage. Tenpin Bowling Australia celebrates your dedication and prowess as you continue to chase glory in the under 18 Masters.

  1. Emily Hart (SA) – 1,443
  2. Natasha Goggin (NZ) – 1,280
  3. Bella Westlake (QLD) – 1,273
  4. Emily Hinspeter (NQ) – 1,260 (North Queensland Master Rep)
  5. Katy Melton (QLD) – 1,240
  6. Vanessa Hannigan (QLD) – 1,230
  7. Sophie Jones (NQ) – 1,227
  8. Brianna Walsh (NSW) – 1,213
  9. Sophie Greaves (QLD) – 1,203
  10. Jasmine Walker (TAS) – 1,198 (Tasmania Master Rep)
  11. Shanae Key (VIC) – 1,187 (Defending Champion)
  12. Aleisha McGarry (NSW) – 1,183 (NSW Master Rep)
  13. Isabelle Wallwork (NQ) – 1,182
  14. Emily Stakey (NQ) – 1,166
  15. Isabelle Weller (NQ) – 1,143
  16. Brooke Buckingham (QLD) – 1,129
  17. Amelie Perrin-Nitschke (VIC) – 1,127
  18. Chloe Gee (VIC) – 1,122 (Victorian Master Rep)
  19. Chloe Greenham (SA) – 1,078 (SA Master Rep)
  20. Bee Kyte (QLD) – 982 (SQ Master Rep)
  1. Blayde Christensen (NQ) – 1,504
  2. Liam Cochrane (SA) – 1,492 (SA Master Rep)
  3. Kohan Davis (NQ) – 1,440
  4. William Zaccaria (VIC) – 1,436
  5. Jake Sayer (QLD) – 1,394
  6. Lachlan Howse (QLD) – 1,386
  7. Mitchell Wardrop (VIC) – 1,376
  8. Riley Gundy (QLD) – 1,359
  9. Nicholas Rajkovic (VIC) – 1,359
  10. Hayden Miller (QLD) – 1,356
  11. Zavier Trajanovski (NSW) – 1,328
  12. Matthew Potter (NSW) – 1,314 (NSW Master Rep)
  13. Jake Donnelly (NSW) – 1,311
  14. Tyler Clarkson (QLD0 1,292
  15. Logan Young (VIC) 1,288
  16. Corey Haylock (NZ) – 1,281
  17. Samuel Kubik (QLD) – 1,267
  18. Layton Walker (NZ) – 1,264
  19. Lachlan Hembrow (NQ) – 1,256 (NQ Master Rep)
  20. Oliver Zaccaria (VIC) – 1,250 (VIC Master Rep)
  21. Ethan Bachmann (QLD) – 1,264

Lastly, let’s acknowledge our singles and doubles champions in the three grades of Open, Classic and A Grade.

Tenpin Bowling Australia congratulates all bowlers for participating and giving their best! A big congratulations to the champions in each grade with some terrific bowling.

Female Open DoublesEmily Hart and Shanae Key1,326
Female Classic DoublesKaitlyn Hoare & Natasha Goggin1,083
Female A Grade DoublesBrooke Hinspeter & Hannah Starkey1,068
Male Open DoublesMitchell Wardrop & Nicholas Rajkovic1,411
Male Classic DoublesCooper Mollett & Corey Haylock1,246
Male A Grade DoublesMatthew Potter & Luke Woodhead1,055

The momentum continues on day four of the 2024 TBA National Junior Championship. From 8 AM to 5 PM, six more championship squads will take to the lanes, each bowler with their sights set on securing a spot in the top 20 for the subsequent Master events phase.

Keep up with the pulse of the competition and check out the latest scores and results by navigating to our Results portal here – remember to select the appropriate event from the drop-down menu.

Wishing all participants the best of luck and high scoring today!

The lanes were ablaze with competition as Championship squads launched into action at the 2024 National Junior Championship today. Bowlers also putting forward their best qualification scores as they vie for a spot in the next stage of the competition.

Want to keep track of the scores and see who’s leading the pack? Simply click here or use the button in the Quick Links section to view all the details on TenpinResults.

Gear up for another action-packed day tomorrow, with six more squads stepping up to bowl their way into stage 2 of the Master events.

  • Bowlers will complete a total of six games from the qualifying squads in their chosen division.
  • Bowlers will be ranked on their best 2 qualifying squads (6 games) and will advance to Round Two and join State & Territory Masters as well as the defending champions from 2023 (if eligible)
  • Round 2 will see a total of 20 bowlers for each gender compete in each division. E.g. In the Male under 18 division, if all state and territory representatives are present (9), plus a defending champion, a total of 10 finalists from qualifying will also advance. Pinfall to carry to Round 2.
  • Under 12 and Under 14 division finalists will bowl an additional eight games with the total 14 game pinfall deciding the winners.
  • Under 18 division will bowl a further eight games before the field cuts to the top 8 to compete in the third round matchplay finals

After an exhilarating TPL Next Gen showdown, we welcome you to the Championship squad phase of the TBA National Junior Championship. Over the next two days, competitors across six squads will vie for supremacy in our Championship rounds.

With a structure that caters to a spectrum of abilities, the Championship includes three tiers: Graded, Classic, and Open. Each category will challenge bowlers in either Doubles or Singles through a 3-game series.

But there’s more on the line than just today’s Championship performances – these Championship squads also serve as the first round in the battle for a spot in prestigious masters events. Bowlers are set to deliver six games during the qualifying rounds, with their top two performances determining their advancement to round two.

Remember, every pin counts as bowlers carry their scores into Round 2, where the top 20 bowlers from each gender in each division will clash on the lanes following the introduction of State and Territory Master representatives and defending champions who still must bowl squads for seeding purposes.

Best of luck to Bowlers and High Scoring!

We will post the link to results on the hub once this is active.

What a way to kick off the 2024 Tenpin Bowling Australia National Junior Championship!

Congratulations Team LTV for claiming the inaugural TPL Next Gen Trophy!

The winning team also wins $2,000! Congratulations Levi Greenhill, Tyler Clarkson and Vanessa Hannigan for the superb performance!

The final score was:

Team LTV 434 defeats Team SIB 399.

Missed it? That’s ok! You can catch up by viewing the stream that took place covering the final four phase.

Thank you to all bowlers who competed in this year’s inaugural event! You should all be very proud of your achievements, and we hope this is the start of a long journey of the TPL Next Gen being part of the TBA National Junior Championships!

What’s next? Bowlers will continue to arrive and rest as Championship Squads begin tomorrow!

Photos and more to come!

Semi-finals are now over!

Team SIB and LTV advance to the Grand Final!

  • SIB – 466
  • LTV – 428
  • KBC – 388
  • SEL – 348

Catch the stream now!

YouTube Stream

All Semi Finals will now be played at the same time.


  • SF#1 – Team SIB vs Team KBC
  • SF#2 – Team LTV vs Team SEL

Slight change from original plans. All finals are now two game finals with the winners determined by total pinfall.

Best of luck teams!

The stage is set. Final Four time! Four teams remain in contention for the inaugural TPL Next Gen title.

The Final Four will be streamed starting at 4:00pm

Semi Final #1 will see the top ranked Team SIB take on Team KBC.

Before the second Semi Final #2 will see Team LTV vs SEL.

The winners of the semi-final will then face off for the inaugural title.

Head to https://youtube.com/live/F53Jrq1w5bQ?feature=share  or https://fb.me/e/xaarEFPeP  to watch the action unfold. We wish all bowlers the best of luck and high scoring!

The Final Four is finalised.

Congratulations Team SEL who have finished on top of the odds pool following five games of matchplay.

Team SEL features bowlers Sophie Greaves, Emily Starkey, and Lachlan Hembrow.

Similar to the Even’s Pool, Team SEL won all five of their matches and finished with 15 points.

Team SEL Pool Performance

  • 266
  • 197
  • 226
  • 175
  • 214

The final standings of the evens pool is:

  • Team SEL – 15 points
  • Team JXA – 12 points
  • Team BCE – 9 points
  • MWL Warriors 2 – 6 points
  • MWL Warriors 3 – 3 points

Congratulations to Sophie Greaves, Emily Starkey, and Lachlan Hembrow, Team SEL,  for advancing to the Final Four of the TPL Next Gen Tournament.

Team SEL will face the second ranked Team LTV (Levi Greenhill, Tyler Clarkson, and Vanessa Hannigan) in the Final Four Semi-Finals.

The Final Four is set and action will return at 4pm.

The Final Four action will stream on our YouTube channel and Facebook channels.

Odds are away! Teams 3,5,7,9, and 11 have hit the lanes for their round 2 play.

1 spot in the Final Four up for grabs, who snatches it?

Congratulations to team KBC who have finished on top of the evens pool following five games of matchplay.

Team KBC features Klayton Kwan, Bee Kyte, and Cruz Craven.

Team KBC won all five of their matches and finished with the maximum of 15 points. Team KBC posted the highest score of the event in the 3rd game with a 267 which shows they are more than capable of providing an upset in the Final Four.

Leading into the 5th and final game, Team KBC and Team KHE (Emily Hinspeter, Kohan Davis, and Hannah Starkey) were tied on 12 points with one match against each other remaining. Team KBC would win the deciding game 209-186 to book their ticket to the Final Four.

Team KBC Pool Performance

  • 208
  • 168
  • 267
  • 189
  • 209

At the conclusion of the five Matchplay games for the even pool, the final standings were:

  • KBC – 15 points
  • KHE – 12 points
  • MWL Warriors 1 – 9 points
  • CLC – 6 points
  • MWL Warriors 4 – 3 points

Congratulations to Klayton Kwan, Bee Kyte, and Cruz Craven who are Team KBC for advancing to the final four.

Team KBC will face the top ranked Team SIB (Sophie Jones, Isabelle Wallwork, and Blayde Christensen) in the Final Four semi finals.

Next up is the Odds Pool starting at 1:00pm.

Welcome to day two of the TBA National Junior Championship. Today the TPL Next Gen action rolls on with ten teams will battle it out in Round 2 of the TPL Next Gen tournament at the AGL National High Performance Centre here on Sunshine Coast.

The Evens are up first at 10 am with five games of head-to-head Matchplay. Teams 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 from the performances in round 1. Who will be the first bowler joining Team SIB and Team LTV in the Final Four?

Remember the Final Four will be streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels. The links to the streams have been added to the quick links section now and will go live around 4:00pm local time. Feel free to share the link around!

Congratulations to the two top performing teams:

  1. Team SIB – Sophie Jones, Isabelle Wallwork, and Blayde Christensen
  2. Team LTV – Levi Greenhill, Tyler Clarkson, and Vanessa Hannigan

These two teams can sit back and relax as they receive an express pass to the final four phase!

The top seed Team SIB finished on a total of 1,903 averaging 211.4 over their nine game round 1 performance. They also claimed the highest score of the first round with a 258 in game 8. It was a dominant display from the Northern Queenslanders of Sophie Jones, Isabelle Wallwork, and Blayde Christensen who now sits in the box seat cementing their spot in the final four.

The other team to gain a free pass to the Final Four is Team LTV who is made up of Levi Greenhill, Tyler Clarkson and Vanessa Hannigan. Team LTV finished on 1,776, a total of 127 pins behind the first ranked team.

For the other teams, they have done their best in 9 games of three-person team baker format and tomorrow is a new day. Congratulations to all bowlers! You guys made history tonight bowling in the first event of TPL Next Gen!

The other teams have finished somewhere between teams 3-12. Now the competition gets split for round two that will get underway from 10am tomorrow morning.

Pool A – Evens Pool – 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Pool B – Odds Pool – 3, 5, 7, 9, 11

These are:

Evens Pool

  • Team 4- Team KHE – Emily Hinspeter, Kohan Davis, Hannah Starkey
  • Team 6 – Team KBC – Cruz Craven, Kayton Kwan, Bee Kyte
  • Team 8  – Team CLC – Lachlan Howse, Chloe Greenham, and Chloe Piffero
  • Team 10 – Mt Warren Lanes Warriors 1 – Ella Hoffman, Bella Westlake and John Hoole
  • Team 12- Mt Warren Lanes Warriors 4 – Xander Woodward, Vincent Parsons, Illyria Woodward

Odds Pool

  • Team 3- Team BCE – Brooke Hinspeter, Calin Povey, Ethan Bachmann
  • Team 5- Team SEL – Sophie Greaves, Emily Starkey, Lachlan Hembrow
  • Team 7- Team JXA – Jasmine Walker, Abby George, Xavier Walker
  • Team 9- Mt Warren Lanes Warriors 2 – Caleb Williamson, Maddie Weller, Milan Uebergang
  • Team 11- Mt Warren Lanes Warriors 3 – Izzy Weller, Jaxon Clark, Ethan Parsons

In round two, teams will complete five games of matchplay against their fellow pool teams.

2 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.

Top teams of each pool at the end of round 2 will advance to the final four.

Results can be found here as we aim to get the first round of scores in TenpinResults at a later date.

See you tomorrow bowling fans!

Round 1 of TPL Next Gen is underway!

You can read more about the TPL Next Gen event and teams below:

Final preparations are underway at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast, setting the stage for this year’s Tenpin Bowling Australia National Junior Championships. The lanes are ready, and the pattern is set for our first event on the schedule—the Tenpin Premier League Next Gen (#TPLNextGen).

Event Kickoff: Round 1 ignites today at 2 PM local time. Our 12 teams are geared up to tackle 9 games in the baker format during this initial round of the competition.

What’s at Stake? The stakes are high as the top two teams from today will secure an express pass to the Final Four stage. This crucial concluding phase will be live streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels, with these teams earning the first and second seeds.

But the competition remains wide open! Round 1 results will determine the seeding for teams 3-12, setting the stage for a strategic pool party in Round 2. Teams will be divided into two pools—odd-numbered teams in one, even-numbered in the other.

As the competition unfolds, keep an eye on this hub for continuous updates. Bookmark the results page now set up for Round 1 by our partners at TenpinResults. All essential links are conveniently located in the Quick Links section at the top of the hub.

We’re excited to bring you all the action and updates as they happen—stay tuned!