2024 TBA National Junior Championship Information Released

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
February 6, 2024

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) are thrilled to announce that information for the upcoming TBA National Junior Championship has been officially released!

The AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast will play host to the TBA National Junior Championship from the 12-20 April 2024. Today’s announcement provides some key information for those thinking about making the trip to compete on the national stage.

The Championship will include opportunities for all skill and junior age levels. The Championship will include Singles and Doubles events for three different skill and experience levels, three Master’s events for three age groups, the TBA President’s Junior Shield competition and the brand new, exhilarating TPL Next Gen event.

TBA National Bowling & Operations Manager Nathan Stein will take the reigns as the Tournament Director for the first time since his appointment last year. A long history with the event from his own children competing and coordinating teams for South Queensland, Stein can’t wait for April to roll around.

“I couldn’t be more excited” explained TBA National Bowling & Operations Manager, Nathan Stein. “There is something for everyone no matter your skill or experience. This is a national stage that welcomes all bowlers and provides an opportunity to compete, make new friends and have a great time with plenty to see and do on the Sunshine Coast”.

Introducing the TPL Next Gen event – a fresh and innovative competition that adopts an exciting team format, the Baker format, which is sure to entertain and challenge participants and spectators alike.

The introduction of the TPL Next Gen event marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Tenpin Premier League (TPL).

“Since launching the TPL brand back in 2022, we’ve taken significant strides to not only celebrate the sport of bowling but also to critically evaluate and enhance the experiences we offer. This event is a testament to our commitment to innovation and inclusivity within the sport” explained Stein.

“It’s designed to provide a vibrant new platform for emerging stars to showcase their talent and for teams to demonstrate their strategic prowess in an exciting format. As we reintroduce TPL events back onto the calendar in the future, the TPL Next Gen stands as a cornerstone of the brand’s expansion and our journey towards elevating tenpin bowling to new heights.

“We are on a journey of continuous improvement and growth, and the TPL Next Gen is a fantastic introduction to what the future holds for the TPL brand. This initiative underscores our dedication to developing and promoting the sport, ensuring it remains dynamic, inclusive, and accessible for all,” added Stein.

This inaugural event aims to spotlight the rising stars of tenpin bowling, offering a unique Team of Three format that spans two days around the TBA National Junior Championship.

Open to all juniors, registered teams will compete for glory, high prize money and bragging rights with the final four phase of the event to be streamed.

With Championship Gradings to include Open, Classic and Graded, the TBA National Junior Championship has an opportunity for all juniors no matter your skill level or experience.

The Championship will involve both Singles and Doubles events for the three grades. Bowlers will have the opportunity to use their championship performances to one or more TBA Junior Master events for three different age groups – under 12, under 14, and under 18.

These competitions are designed to test the skills of young bowlers in various formats, offering more opportunities for glory and recognition within the Tenpin Bowling community.

The under 18 TBA National Junior Masters is a nationally ranked event and will kick off the 2024 TBA Junior ranking season. This will be the 53rd running of the TBA National Junior Masters.

The TBA President’s Junior Shield remains a highlight of our calendar, a team event that embodies the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and excellence. This prestigious event will see teams from across the nation and the ditch competing in a series of matches that promise intense action and thrilling moments.

The 2024 TBA President’s Shield will be the 36th running of the cherished competition.

We are incredibly excited about this year’s lineup of events and can’t wait to see the talent and enthusiasm of all the participants. The TBA National Junior Championship and its associated events are celebrations of the tenpin bowling community, opportunities for growth, and showcases of the bright future of our sport.

“As we gather to compete, connect, and celebrate, I am reminded of the bright future that lies ahead for tenpin bowling in Australia. Let’s make this year’s championship a landmark event that inspires the next generation of bowlers to reach for the stars” added Nathan Stein.

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