23rd Storm U22 International Junior All-Stars Championships Hub

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 15, 2023

Australian Contingent Heads to Malaysia for Prestigious Bowling Event

This event is now concluded.

A massive round of applause to all the Aussie representatives who journeyed to Malaysia to compete against some of Asia’s finest bowling talents! And let’s not forget a big shoutout to the incredible support crews – the parents, coaches, and everyone behind the scenes. Congratulations to each and every one of you for showcasing the Aussie spirit on the international stage! 🎳🇦🇺👏

Head to https://www.abf-online.org/results/23rdallstars_GenZ.htm for all the coverage and in-depth details.

Walsh finishes 6th in Gen Z Challenge

Blake Walsh, the rising star from Ballina, wrapped up the competition with a remarkable 6th place finish in the all-new Gen Z Challenge on its final day. This event, a fresh addition to the bowling scene, was specially designed for bowlers under 25, and it sure brought some sizzling talent to the forefront!

That includes a boy from Ballina who, while in Malaysia, notched up his 18th birthday – Blake Walsh.

Finishing 4th in qualifying with a three-game series 771, Walsh would join the top 20 finalists in the final to complete ten games to crown the inaugural champion.

Blake gave it his all, finishing with an impressive total of 2,123. Averaging 212.3 across his ten games, he showed what he’s made of. It’s an amazing way to bid farewell to the junior division as Blake gears up to kick off his youth career in 2024.

A huge shoutout and congratulations to Blake Walsh from everyone here at Tenpin Bowling Australia, and a big Happy Birthday! Your performance was incredible, and we can’t wait to see what you’ll achieve next. Way to go, Blake! 🎳🌟

Welcome to the final day of play at the 23rd u22 Storm International Junior All-Stars Championships in Malaysia.

Yesterday, the Open Master’s concluded with Bae Junghun of Suwon Youth Team and Malaysia’s Adelia Nur claiming the top prizes on offer.

• Blake Walsh finished in 15th place, averaging 213 and finishing with a 10-game total of 2,130.
• Jamie Robinson finished in 19th place with a total of 2,109

We congratulate both boys on the great achievement of making the second round of the prestigious event.

One event left – Gen Z Challenge!

Blake Walsh will be the lone Australian who has qualified for the finals, finishing 4th with his qualifying attempt of 771. All bowlers will complete 10 games scratch with the highest pinfall being declared champion.

We wish Blake all the best and high scoring for this final event.

Round 1 of the 23rd U22 Storm International Junior All-Stars Championship Open Masters has concluded, with several Australians advancing to Round 2, which begins today.

Youth Girl’s Open Division

Congratulations to the two Australians who reached the final – Bella Westlake and Vanessa Hannigan.

Bella finished in 18th place, averaging 187.60 for a total of 1,876 points, while Vanessa finished in 23rd position with 1,786 points. Unfortunately, the girls did not advance to Round 2, where only the top 12 proceed, but both performed impressively throughout the tournament, marking a significant achievement in reaching the finals.

Youth Boy’s Open Division

Australia had three bowlers qualify for Round 1 of the finals, with Jamie Robinson receiving a direct pass to Round 2 after topping the event’s qualifiers.

Congratulations to Blake Walsh for making the Top 18 cut and joining Round 2’s lineup, which includes the 1st-6th place qualifiers from both local and overseas qualifying pools. Walsh averaged 207.60 across his 10-game round, including a high game of 257. Finishing with a total of 2,076 points, Walsh narrowly made the cut in 17th place and is well-positioned to continue his campaign in Round 2.

Matthew Purser finished agonizingly close to the cut, placing 19th. Despite a challenging opening game of 141, Purser fought back valiantly, finishing with 2,063 points, just five pins shy of the 18th place. His perseverance is commendable. Congratulations, Matthew!

Lastly, North Queensland’s Kohan Davis finished in 27th place with a score of 1,958. This promising young Queenslander has much to be proud of, having reached the finals in his first international event and rolling his first accredited 300 game. Congratulations, Kohan, on a bright future ahead!

Round 2 Details

Round 2 begins at 11 am AEST today. Bowlers will compete in 10 games, aiming to finish in the top four.

The top four will advance to Round 3, which involves the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd position bowlers from Round 2 competing in a single game. The highest pinfall advances to Round 4, with the second highest taking P3 and the lowest P4.

Round 4, scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm AEST, will see the first-place bowler from Round 2 and the winner of Round 3 competing in the finals, held in a 1+1 game format. If the top-placed bowler wins the first game, they will be declared the champion. If the winner from Round 3 wins, a ‘sudden death’ play-off of one game will decide the champion.

We wish Jamie and Blake the best of luck today and high scoring. Let’s go, Aussies!

Welcome to Day Eight of the 23rd U22 Storm International Junior All-Stars Championship from Malaysia!

Today marks the beginning of the crucial phase of the championship, with the finals commencing following the completion of the qualifying squads last night. Several Australians have progressed to the advanced stages, including NTS18 bowler Kohan Davis achieving a significant milestone.

Striving for a spot in the Open Boy’s Final, North Queenslander Kohan Davis made an impressive entry. Backed by an enthusiastic crowd, Davis bowled a perfect 300 game, the first accredited 300 of his promising career. Congratulations, Kohan!

Graded Division

The first final today will be the Graded Final, starting at 11am AEST.

Congratulations to Tamarin Hamilton-Christensen, who finished as the fourth reserve for the event with a qualifying score of 594. As part of the TenpinResults traveling group, Tamarin is the only Australian in the Graded final, a commendable achievement against strong competition.

Finalists will compete in 10 scratch games, with total pinfalls deciding the winner.

Graded Final – 13 December 2023 – from 11am AEST.

Open Division

Following the Graded Final, the focus will shift to the 1st round of the Open Final, beginning at 5:00 pm AEST. This opening round will feature 33 male and 27 female bowlers, competing in 10 games.

The top 18 from round 1 will advance to round 2, joining the top six qualifiers from both local and overseas categories.

Aussie Highlights

Boy’s Open:

  • Queenslander Jamie Robinson finished as the top overseas qualifier with 1,564 points, leading the boy’s open division. Jamie will continue in round two starting Thursday and head as the top qualifier of all qualifying pools! Congrats Jamie!
  • Blake Walsh, in 9th place among Overseas qualifiers with 1,461, will compete in round 1, aiming for a top-18 finish.
  • Matthew Purser, 3rd in the Mixed pool with 1,435, and Kohan Davis, 7th with 1,424, will both compete in round 1 today.

Girl’s Open:

  • Vanessa Hannigan finished 2nd in the Mixed Pool with 1,248 and will compete in round 1 of the girl’s open finals today.
  • Bella Westlake, with 1,208 points in 10th place, and Emily Hinspeter, the second reserve with 1,175 points, will also compete today.
  • Megan Bramley finished as the third reserve with 1,162 points.

Gen Z Challenge

The Gen Z Challenge Finals will start on Friday. Current standings include Nixon Chan in 19th position with 705 points, Callum Borck as the first reserve with 702 points, and Jamie Robinson as the fourth reserve with 691 points.

Off the Lanes

There’s plenty of fun off the lanes too, with great moments captured by the travelling support crews. Thanks for sharing, everyone!

Stay Updated

  • We will continue to provide updates when we can on the hub but for all the latest please head to the event HQ via the quick links at the top of this page. We also expect all finals to be streamed using the streaming link in the same section.

Best of luck to all bowlers in the finals!

A big congratulations to Bella Westlake, who made the cut for the finals of the u15 girls competition.

Bella finished in 16th place with a 1368 in the 8-game final.

The u12 and u15 competitions have now concluded.

Open, Graded and Gen Z

The format and standings are a bit different to what we are used to in our home events, but essentially a quick summary:


  • Qualifying scores based on 6 games
  • Round 1 final on 13 December
  • Round 2 final on 14 December

For Graded

  • Qualifying based on 3 games
  • Top 45 boys and 27 girls will be named finalists and bowl 10 games scratch.
  • Final on 13 December

For Gen Z

  • Qualifying based on 3 games
  • Top 14 boys and 10 girl qualifiers will bowl 10 games scratch for the final
  • Final on 15 December

Aussies Highlighted in the Standings as of 11th Squad

Boys Open

  • Matthew Purser – 2nd in International pool with 1435
  • Jamie Robinson – 4th in International pool with 1413
  • Cameron Stein – 1st in Mixed pool with 1377
  • Kohan Davis – 11th in Mixed pool with 1356
  • Luke Doyle – 5th reserve with 1329

Girls Open

  • Vanessa Hannigan – 6th in International pool with 1248
  • Emily Hinspeter – 9th in International pool with 1145
  • Megan Bramley – 10th in International pool with 1133
  • Ellieh Bowman – 10th in Mixed pool with 1107

Girls Graded

  • Tamarin Hamilton-Christensen – 20th with 594
  • Tamika Pettigrew – 24th with 585

Gen Z Boys

  • Nixon Chan – 11th with 663
  • Matthew Purser – 14th with 657

There is plenty of bowling left, with the next two days heavy on squads and plenty of Aussies just arriving to commence their campaigns.

One of those Aussies includes Australian representative Blake Walsh who was visited by local media before departure.

Ballina teen gears up for the Junior International Tenpin Bowling Championship

Apart from the fun on the lanes, many of the touring groups are taking the opportunity to visit some sights, sounds and tastes of Malaysia.

Check out some of the images below where teams have visited the Aquarium and Batu Cave, including many more, including a strange new menu option at Pizza Hut….

Best of luck to all the Aussies to bowl in the coming days and stay updated with the latest on the event webpage listed in the quick links at the top of this page.

🎳 23rd U22 Storm International Junior All-Stars Championship: Day 3 Kicks Off! 🌟

Exciting Times at the Majestic Venue! Today, we dive into Day 3 of the thrilling 23rd U22 Storm International Junior All-Stars Championship. Prepare to be amazed! The venue isn’t just a place for competition; it’s a marvel in itself!

🏢 Nestled atop two towering high-rise hotels, this dynamic complex boasts a massive 48-lane bowling centre – the heart of this week’s action. And that’s not all! It also features an ice-skating rink and a shopping paradise with approximately 1,100 shops.

Team TBAQ in Action! The TBAQ group is set for an intense day, with two squads rolling out this morning and another two in the evening.

Aussie Squad Standouts:

  • Levi Greenhill – U12 Boys – Score: 534 – Rank: 26th
  • Vanessa Hannigan – U15 Girls – Score: 607 – Rank: 8th
  • Vanessa Hannigan – Girls Open Qualifying – Score: 1070 – 2nd in the Overseas pool

Stay tuned for more updates on the official event website: 23rd All-Stars Championship Results.

📺 Streaming Update: Don’t miss out on exclusive coverage on our YouTube Channel. We’ll be streaming some fantastic moments that you won’t find elsewhere until December 11th.


A Quirky Find in Malaysia’s Bowling Centre: Guess what we found? A credential tag from last year’s World Cup, still in use! It’s the little things that make these events extra special.

Swarm of Aussies Land in Malaysia for International Junior All-Stars Championship

As December begins, the bowling community is buzzing with excitement for the 23rd Storm U22 International Junior All-Stars Championship 2023, set to unfold at Sunway Mega Lanes, Malaysia, from the 6th to the 15th of December 2023.

Previously known as the MILO International, the Storm u22 International Junior All-Stars Championship has a long history of Australians making the trip overseas to compete. This year is particularly special for the Australian bowling scene, with 26 Aussie bowlers registered to compete in the prestigious event.

Event Format and Categories

The tournament, which began in 2000, offers a variety of categories, including Youth U12, U15, Graded, Open, and this year, a brand-new Gen Z Challenge. You can read more about the rules & regulations on their Facebook page here

A large contingent of the Aussies will be competing in the Open category, where players compete in a challenging environment. The Boys Open champion, for example, stands to win a significant prize of 25,000 MYR (approximately 8,100 AUD).

Event Highlights and Australian Achievements

The event is recognized by the International Bowling Federation (IBF) and the Asian Bowling Federation (ABF) and will be conducted under their rules and regulations. This year introduces the Gen Z Challenge, a new category for bowlers aged 25 and below, adding another layer of competitive spirit to the event.

Australia’s history in the tournament is commendable. In what will be the 23rd running of the event, Australia has finished with a total of five podiums in the history of the event. Notable past successes include Blayne Fletcher’s triumph in the Boy’s Open category in 2016 (gold) and 2017 (bronze), Rebekah Commane’s impressive run to a silver medal in 2016, Jason Belmonte winning it all in 2006 and Georgya Britton winning gold in the Girls under 12 categories in 2006. These achievements underline the country’s strong presence in the sport.

Among the Australian participants, many are members of the National Training Squad, including Blake Walsh, who recently clinched a silver medal at the Asian Youth Championships in Thailand earlier this year.

Keeping Up with the Event

For those eager to follow the progress of the Australian contingent and the event at large, we will provide updates as received from representatives on the ground. Still, all detailed information, including the event schedule and oiling pattern, can be accessed through the provided links at the top of this hub.

The 23rd Storm U22 International Junior All-Stars 2023 promises to be a thrilling event, showcasing some of the best of young bowling talent. With a strong Australian group participating, the event is a must-watch for bowling enthusiasts. Stay updated with the latest happenings and support the Australian contingent as they aim to add more achievements to Australia’s already impressive bowling history.

Historical Australian Achievements at the event

Blayne FletcherBronzeBoys Open18th Milo International Junior All-Stars 2017
Blayne FletcherGoldBoys Open17th MILO International Junior All-Stars 2016
Rebekah CommaneSilverGirls Open17th MILO International Junior All-Stars 2016
Jason BelmonteGoldBoys Open7th MILO International Junior All-Stars 2006
Georgya BrittonGoldGirls u127th MILO International Junior All-Stars 2006