WA and NSW win Titles on State Team Challenge Day

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 16, 2023

Congratulations to the incredible teams from Western Australia and New South Wales for their outstanding performances at the State Team Challenge Day at Zone Bowling Noarlunga, South Australia!

Michael Cooke Memorial Shield

🥇 New South Wales 🥇

🥈 Victoria 🥈

🥉 Queensland 🥉

Cole Cup State Team Challenge

🥇 Western Australia 🥇

🥈 Victoria 🥈

🥉 Queensland 🥉

Final Standings

🌟 Western Australia showed their undeniable talent, clinching the prestigious Cole Cup Challenge and making their state proud! Way to go, WA! 🥇🥈Victoria, 🥉Queensland👏

🌟 Meanwhile, New South Wales has once again demonstrated their unrivaled prowess by claiming their fourth consecutive Michael Cooke Memorial Shield! An extraordinary achievement! 🏆🥈Victoria, 🥉Queensland 🙌

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! ⚡️ Today marks the beginning of the Restricted, Classic, and Open Masters, and we wish all the participating bowlers the best of luck and high scoring! 🌟 🎳💥