34th National Disability Championship Preview

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 7, 2023

Get ready for a showcase of talent, determination, and unity as the 34th National Disability Championship takes centre stage.

From the 7th to 17th June 2023, Zone Bowling Noarlunga in South Australia will be transformed into a vibrant hub of competition and camaraderie. This prestigious event, dedicated to tenpin bowlers with a disability, promises an incredible display of skill, as 369 participants from every state and territory in Australia gather for a remarkable celebration of inclusivity and athleticism.

The Championships offer a platform where athletes can shine, regardless of their abilities. With an impressive turnout, this event proudly stands as one of the most attended Disability single sport events in Australia.

The Championships present a line-up of events that will keep spectators on the edge of their seats. Participants will compete in Singles, Doubles and Team events, battling it out over a three-game series for each attempt. Medallions will be awarded to the top three participants in each Grade and Event, highlighting their exceptional performances. Additionally, an All Events Champion will be crowned in every Grade, recognising the consistent excellence displayed throughout the tournament.

All bowlers from the remarkable 2022 Australia World Cup Para team will be in attendance. Gold medallists Kallan Strong and Amanda Threlfall will be two of many that will bring their exceptional abilities and determination to the Championships.

The State Team Challenge Day on 14th June promises an electric atmosphere as two state and territory team events take the stage- The Cole Challenge Cup and Michael Cooke Memorial Shield. With a full bill of state and territories this year, competition will be fierce in a race to crown the champions. Another highlight is the Masters Day on 16th June, featuring three master events for different skill levels, including the Restricted, Classic, and Open Masters. These events offer participants a chance to showcase their expertise and push the boundaries of their abilities.

The Championships Opening Ceremony will occur on the 10th June, where teams walk out in a display of pride and unity. On the 16th June, the Celebration Dinner awaits attendees, providing an opportunity to relish in the achievements of the Championships and honour outstanding performances. The Carers Challenge on the final day, 17th June, brings together bowlers and their support staff in a heartwarming display of solidarity and appreciation. The day concludes with a grand presentation ceremony, acknowledging the remarkable accomplishments of the participants.

This year’s Championships hold special significance, as two events will be ranked for the inaugural National Inclusion Rankings system. The National Disability Championship All Events (Open and Classic Divisions) and the National Disability Championship Masters (Open and Classic Divisions) will contribute to the 2023 rankings, adding a new dimension of significance to the tournament.

As the excitement unfolds, scores and updates will be available on Tenpin Results, Tenpin.org.au and social platforms, providing information on the Championship’s progress. Stay connected to witness the rise of new champions and the remarkable achievements of participants.

The 34th National Disability Championship promises to be a fantastic showcase of talent, resilience, and the power of inclusivity. Join us from 7th to 17th June at Zone Bowling Noarlunga, South Australia, as we celebrate the remarkable abilities of athletes from across the country.

Click below to head to the Championships hub to find information on the Championships, State Team Challenge team rosters and important dates.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all participants the best of luck and high scoring at the event.