5 Year Old Graduates Bowl Patrol

By Emily Rennes
March 30, 2023

In what might be a first, a 5-year-old has graduated Bowl Patrol by achieving the hardest and final black wristband. Making his way through the 5-levels that preceded it, Patroller Charlie is showing great promise at a very young age. 

Charlie’s mum Jenny explains how it all got started; “neither Craig [Dad] nor I are bowlers so Charlie’s interest has been an unexpected journey for all of us. It started when took him bowling as something to do on a cold, wet Canberra day when he was 4 and he loved it. Soon we were taking him 2 or 3 times a week. We chose Bowl Patrol as it was offered at our local bowling centre at Tuggeranong and the coaches had been recommended.” 

Lane Ranger Damian with Patroller Charlie – showing his black (and final) wristband

Tenpin Bowling Australia’s Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, Emily Rennes added that this often key to the success of a learner bowler. “Good coaches are the lifeblood of this sport, they inspire bowlers to reach the next level, bowl better and constantly seek improvement.” None better than the talented and committed Lane Rangers Irene and Damian at Charlie’s Bowl Patrol program at Zone Bowling Tuggeranong in ACT. 

We asked the child prodigy for an interview recently and he’s definitely got a career ahead of him! 

  • What do you like about bowling? Because I have done it for a long time.  It’s good for arm exercise.  Warm in the winter.  
  • How come you’re so good?  I have had lots of practice.   
  • Why did you join Bowl Patrol? Because I wanted to learn how to bowl straight.  
  • Any idols? Jenny Burton-Douglas  
  • Future goals?  I would like to bowl a 400. 

What’s next for Charlie? Of course he can continue with Bowl Patrol, working on his 400 game* – but will likely join the other Bowl Patrol graduates in the Junior League at the centre. Let’s keep an eye out for him in the future, we’ll also reach out and let his idol know she’s inspiring the next generation of bowlers. 

Want YOUR child to learn a sport they’ll love? Register them for Bowl Patrol today! 

Term 2 programs are now open at www.bowlpatrol.com.au info for centres or new Lane Rangers also available there, or reach out at [email protected]  

Big thanks to Zone Bowling Tuggeranong, the ACT Tenpin Bowling Association, Lane Rangers Damian and Irene, the parents who support their children in the sport and of course to Charlie – congratulations. *We realise a 400 game is technically not possible, but if a 5 year old can dream of it – so can the rest of us!

Lane Ranger Irene helps Patroller Charlie celebrate his incredible accomplishment – well done Charlie!


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