Our Strategy

Tenpin Bowling Australia launched its next three-year strategy (2021-2023) at its 2020 Annual General Meeting, which provides direction for the sport around the country.

You can download the full-sized Strategic Plan by clicking here

Our Vision

A thriving Tenpin Bowling industry that engages and connects communities through play and skill


Tenpin Bowling has a rich history in this country. With over 2 million Australian’s bowling in the last 12 months, it is one of the most popular and accessible sport and entertainment offers. Over the years, there has been a shift in the sport versus entertainment dynamic in Tenpin Bowling. Where previously many centres had strong, regular weekly competitions, these have increasingly made way for irregular social play. This has impacted the sport, with less children and adults competing, and impacted the business model of the centres and the governing bodies of the sport.

Bowling is unique in the sport sector in that it is delivered wholly by private businesses (proprietors) through Bowling and Entertainment Centres. Zone Bowling owns roughly 20% of all bowling centres in Australia and independent bowling centres make up the additional 80% nationwide. Not all bowling centres offer bowling as a sport (through league bowling). Across the industry, decisions on how they use their centres are based on return (per square metre) which places further pressure on the relative return from the lanes vis-à-vis other activities, services and offers.

Compared to many other sports, we are in an enviable position – our sport is delivered through centres run by paid staff, an enormous number of children play our sport each year, and it is universally loved. Capitalising on these innate advantages will be at the heart of the Tenpin Bowling revival in Australia.

The Tenpin Landscape

  1. Centre Sustainability – The Tenpin Bowling centre is the lifeblood of the sport. Its where the sport happens. The economics of running a Tenpin Bowling business have evolved, with the environment more challenging than ever before. Ensuring these centres are thriving businesses can cater to the changing needs of consumers, is key.
  2. Sport & Entertainment – Tenpin Bowling has been at the forefront of the increasingly blurred lines of sport and entertainment. With greater competition for discretionary spend, the offer needs to be highly appealing.
  3. Customer engagement – no longer is the sport and entertainment experience simply defined as the time you walk into and out of a venue. The ability to have on-going dialogue and value to customers lives through content and other touchpoints provides untapped potential for regular and meaningful engagement.
  4. Strategic Partnerships – within the sport and entertainment sector, and specifically for Tenpin Bowling, strategic partnerships are critical in maximising participation, occupancy, and sustainability.. A collaborative and mutually beneficial approach to growing the sector is essential.


  • Innovate – Challenge the status Quo
  • Courage – Persevere, have the courage to stand United.
  • Integrity – we always do the right thing
  • Compassion – Practice random act of kindness
  • Excellence – Be the best version of yourself

Strategic Approach & Framework

The TBA Strategic Plan 2021-2023 includes four strategic pillars.

  • Business of BowlingProfitable centres providing awesome experiences to all customers

The best way to increase participation in Tenpin Bowling is to make the sport more accessible and the experience second-to-none. This requires ongoing investment from the existing network and ideally expansion of the network especially in areas that aren’t serviced. But none of this can happen if centres aren’t profitable. The industry must work together to get more people in venues.

  • Playful ConnectionsMore people playing the sport and connecting through Tenpin Bowling

Tenpin bowling brings people together. The sheer nature of the sport ensures that the game and socialising go hand in glove. Whether it be a highly competitive league, mid-week social competitions or friends and family playing together as part of an outing, we want more people bowling. And regardless of how you want to play, or your motivation to play, we need to ensure there is the right offer available for you.

  • A Striking ForceProvide opportunities for elite bowlers to excel and support them to optimise their talent

Australia has had some of the greatest bowlers of all-time. The current world champion and arguably the greatest bowler of all-time, Jason Belmonte, grew up in Orange, NSW. We need to ensure that elite bowlers, current and aspiring, are provided necessary development opportunities to reach their potential.

  • Pinned TogetherAll stakeholders within the sport collaborating and driving to an agreed outcome and clear goals

Tenpin bowling is a tightknit industry. We must work together to ensure the industry thrives. This requires strong leadership, robust debate, regular honest communication, and a commitment to an agreed set of objectives.


The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has launched its new strategic vision in 2022, outlining the key focus areas for the next decade and beyond.

Titled Our Green and Gold decade of opportunity, the strategic vision sets the target of establishing Australia as the world’s best sporting nation.

The ASC’s Strategic Vision: Our Green and Gold decade of opportunity is available to view below or by clicking here

ASC Strategic Vision To 2034 Acc
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