The TBA Coach accreditation process and requirements have been reviewed and updated for 2021.

Changes have been made to both Bronze and Silver Level requirements to reflect more on lane experience and quality assurance across our coaching ranks.

Some changes include:

  • The new TBA Volunteer Support Program has been released. Coaches and managers are rewarded for being active at two levels: with free sports membership and registration.
  • Coach Education: Both Face to Face and online (remote) options for Bronze and Silver Courses across Australia.
  • Silver Course: there is now an opportunity for participants to complete the Intermediate Coaching General Principles Course (requirement) online through TBA (for a fee).
  • Coaching Experience: For Bronze and Silver Courses, there is now a requirement for all participants to complete and submit a minimum number of coaching hours (on lane experience) both prior to and after completing the theory course. This is before they become accredited.
  • Quality Assurance: Participants must attend on lane sessions with approved Silver Level Coaches (Development Days or alternatives) to demonstrate skills, be assessed on their knowledge and prove that they are competent deliverers (as a Bronze or Silver Coach) before receiving their accreditation.

More information can be found on each specific coaching page.

There are three levels of coaching accreditation,
Level 1, Bronze and Silver.

Each level provides information to equip coaches with the resources necessary to coach athletes who are new to the game right through to the elite.

Keen to encourage new bowlers to the sport? Use Tenpin Bowling Australia’s national participation programs complete with eight sessions of curriculum, teach the basics of tenpin bowling. For our free, online, Lane Ranger training resources visit Bowl Patrol (for kids) or Bowl Abilities (for adults).


Bronze Courses

  • Online Remote (TBC) – Course and dates subject to level of interest – register EOI now

Silver Courses

  • Course and dates subject to level of interest – register EOI now


To register your interest return this Expression of Interest to [email protected]

Courses are not confirmed until numbers are known and payments completed.

TBA works with all State Associations to finalise course dates throughout the country. When a minimum number of participants isn’t reached, we may propose an alternative date or venue.

For questions about Bowl Patrol email [email protected]

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