Tenpin Bowling Australia encourages ongoing education and development of coaches, including those aspiring to be coaches, below are some videos, links and resources to get you started and keep you going!

Most of these can count towards accredited coaches maintaining registration, make a log book note or keep a copy of the certificate as proof.

The Australian Sports Commission has a great range of resources too – visit their website for more information. For general coaching information visits or for specific courses

Deliver Tenpin Bowling Australia’s national ‘learn to bowl’ programs, as a ‘Lane Ranger’ (coach). Online registration and training is suitable for all abilities, ages, experience and intentions – from parents/carers to teachers/coaches or centre staff. Once complete, access to eight 1-hour session plans, videos, inclusion resources, support and more! Reach out if we can help: [email protected] or [email protected]

Lane Inspection Process
Coaching Tips – Less than 7 degrees Greater than 7 degrees
How Bowling Pinsetters Work
How Bowling Pins Are Made
How is a Bowling Ball Made?
Improve Accuracy with Bowling Drills
Staying in the Pocket
Adjustments and Launch Angle
Understanding Bowling Ball Motion
Understanding Bowling Lane Oil Patterns
Tips to Improve Bowling Targeting
Using Your Balance Arm in Bowling
Cracked Bowling Ball – Climate Effects

Videos courtesy of USBC Bowling Academy:

Other online coaching courses and resources
Special Olympics Australia – Inclusive Sport Academy. (inc. Autism, Intellectual Disability, Physical Literacy)
Coach Webinar – Delivering Inclusive Programs in Schools
Scope Australia – Sport & Recreation for All (Communication)
Sport Australia – Training for Coaches (NEW Community Coaching)
Play By the Rules – Inclusive Coaching and Child Protection
Bowl Patrol – Lane Ranger Training
Bowl Abilities – Lane Ranger Training
COVID Safe – COVID Safe Sports Coach
Welcoming Australia – email your centre details to [email protected] to get access to Welcoming Clubs
Blind Sports Australia – develop knowledge and awareness of people who are blind and vision impaired. Ideas and support on the journey to becoming a more inclusive sport and recreation provider.
Tutorial 1 Knowledge, Awareness, Barriers, Eye Conditions, Impact & Engagement
– the benefits of blind sport and recreation
– common barriers to participation
– the four main eye conditions and
– the impact on engagement in sport & recreation.
Tutorial 2 Strategies, Communication, Guiding and Support
– strategies to assist participation
– communication techniques
– how to safely guide participants with vision loss and
– where to find further support and information.

Teaching School Groups (including Sporting Schools)

Firstly, it is the teacher’s responsibility to maintain control of students at all time, ensuring they are well behaved, respectful, and put in their best effort. This is difficult for a coach to do over a short period of time, as they do not have the time to establish relationships with the students required to achieve this. It would not be fair to expect a facilitator/coach to have to control behaviour

  • Be prepared! If you are not familiar talking to groups of students, have a script of a list of dot points which you wish to speak to so that everything is covered
  • Have a plan! Develop a list of what skills are critical for the first session and focus on those, and then build on these over the other weeks. Plan ahead for what you would like to achieve by the end of the programme, e.g.
    • Correct ball grip
    • Specific vocabulary – ball, lane, gutters, strike, spare, pins
    • Correct approach when bowling
    • Use YouTube clips where appropriate – most schools would be able to provide access to a screen at the beginning of each on-site session
  • Provide individual coaching, especially in the first sessions
    • Get in amongst the students and see what is happening
    • Demonstrate/model correct stance, grip and release
    • Stop bad habits from developing at the outset
    • Stop the whole group and point out what you are observing if it is a widespread issue e.g. having the hand twisted the wrong way when bowling

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