What is involved in becoming a Silver Coach?

For working with advanced to elite athletes: over 180 average.

The Silver coaching accreditation is the third tier and highest level of accreditation within the TBA coaching framework. The Silver course is a multi-platform course which includes attending a face to face / remote course, completing additional external requirements, undertaking on lane practical assessments, online theory and video analysis assessment. 

Silver coaches will gain the knowledge and skills to provide specialised training programs for competitive bowlers. They’ll be able to provide an open learning environment that includes specialised training programs for competitive bowlers to develop specific skills. Coaches who successfully meet the accreditation and quality assurance requirements will be competent in understanding the following topics:

  • Specific adjustments to the physical game
  • Building a bowling ball arsenal
  • Advanced lane adjustments
  • Matching ball surfaces to lane conditions
  • Advanced mental game concepts
  • Video analysis and
  • Establishing a practice plan to develop and expand a bowler’s options in competition.

Who should become a Silver coach?

Experienced Bronze Level coaches who wish to advance their coaching skills to the next level. This coaching program is for those who want to coach intermediate to advanced bowlers at the elite level and may include coaching State and National representative bowlers and teams.

Please note: Being our top level, Silver level accreditation is treated as a privileged recognition for our best coaches, and is not an automatic right of progression for all. Aspiring Bronze Coaches need to work hard to earn their accreditation, proving they deserve this status as a highly skilled TBA coach. Not all coaches will be successful.

Minimum Requirements

  • Participant must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Must be a current registered TBA member;
  • Must hold a current Working with Children check or equivalent from their State of residence; and
  • Must be a current TBA Bronze Accredited Coach for a minimum of 12 months

Must have accrued a minimum of 100 hours accumulative coaching at an appropriate level (logged and signed; over more than 12 months) since becoming a Bronze Level Coach, which can be verified, demonstrating their level of experience.

Enrolment Process


  • FACE TO FACE: if there are sufficient numbers of participants to make it viable, a course will be planned and run at locations in different States.
    • These will be advertised on the website, email and social media.
    • Face to face consists of 2 ½ days commitment, usually run over a weekend (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday).
    • Participants are required to attend the whole weekend to complete the classroom theory component plus on lane practical (part 1).
  • REMOTE VIA ZOOM (online): if there are multiple participants scattered across various States, a Remote Silver Course may be planned and run to cover the classroom theory component only.
    • These will be advertised on the website, email and social media.
    • Participants join the course via Zoom from their own locations.
    • A remote Silver course is usually run over 4 sessions (evenings), each lasting about 3 – 3 ½ hours. (@ 12 – 14 hour total commitment)
    • Participants are required to attend all four sessions to complete the classroom theory.
    • The on lane practical assessment (part 1) must be completed independently, in addition to this zoom course.

Register your interest (EOI) with course option preference and TBA will inform you directly when any courses are planned. No payment is required until a course is confirmed.

Complete the following:


  • REGISTER: New Coach Registration Form
    • Complete and sign: Coach/Official Code of Behaviour Individual Agreement (included in the registration form)
    • Complete and sign: Personal Character Declaration for Coaches and Officials (included in the registration form)
  • PAY: Make payment of $400 (course fee only)
    • credit card or bank transfer (proof of transfer required)
  • PHOTOS: 1 quality jpeg photo (head and shoulders included in the photo with no other people visible and a single coloured background, SMILING high quality photo)
  • ADDITIONAL COURSE: Intermediate Coaching General Principles Course
    • This is a certified course which is non-sport specific, and covers essential coaching skills and elements. It consists of 12 separate modules, takes a minimum of 15 hours, and requires an additional payment.
    • TBA now offers this course as an online / remote option – Cost: $250. If you wish to choose this option, complete registration and payment HERE.


  • This course (12 – 13 modules) may be available either face to face or remote through some State Universities (UQ, UNSW), TAFE’s or through registered RTO’s. It is no longer offered through Sport Australia.
    • Please note that many TAFE and University settings have stopped offering this course since COVID, and each charge their own fees ($200 – $300).
  • ONLINE COURSES(2): Register or log into the Play by the Rules eLearning and complete or update both if required:
  • ONLINE COURSE: Register or log into the SIA eLearning (ASADA) and complete
    • Anti-Doping Fundamentals Course
    • Anti-Doping Annual Update (yearly Update)
  • FIRST AID TRAINING: Required for Silver + Accreditation (Coaching Teams).

Complete First Aid Training Courses (must have completed the 2 components below as a minimum)

HLTAID009 (or updated equivalent) Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (12 month validity)
HLTAID011 (or updated equivalent) Provide first aid (3 year validity

These are all nationally recognised courses and certificates provided by external sources and websites, and are not linked directly to TBA. You will need to go to each website, register if it is your first time, complete each requirement as requested, and forward a copy of certificate for our files and to prove successful completion.

All of the above steps MUST be completed in addition to attending the face to face / remote coaching course, passing an online video analysis and exam, and completing your on lane coach evaluation requirements and competency assessment in order to gain a TBA Silver accreditation. 

Participants may attend a course if some of the above requirements are still outstanding, however cannot proceed to the final on-lane evaluation and competency assessment until all other requirements are met.

Next steps include:


  • REGISTER AND PAY: Make sure you enrol in an upcoming TBA Silver coach accreditation course in your State (face to face) or remote (online) and have paid the registration fee of $400 in full;
  • ATTEND: Attend the entire practical certification course (Theory Component)
    • Face to Face on location over 2 ½ days, or
    • Remote (online) via Zoom over 4 sessions.
  • EXAM: Log in to complete and pass the online theory assessment and video analysis tasks through the USBC Online Learning Portal.
    • Your Login information will be sent via email during the week following the face to face / remote course.
  • PRACTICAL: On Lane Evaluation Component (Part 1):
    • Working with appropriate level athletes to complete an analysis task.
    • Face to face courses include this on location as part of the 2 ½ days.
    • For remote (zoom) courses, this requires organising an additional time on the lanes with athletes, and an approved coach to supervise.

Next steps include:



  • EXPERIENCE: Complete 80 Hours of practical coaching experience: Test your new knowledge on the lanes and gain some confidence as a an advanced level coach.
    • Work with intermediate – elite athlete(s) as a coach on the lanes.
    • Keep a log of your coaching hours, with dates and details, to be signed off by a silver coach / centre manager each session.
    • Working with a mentor (Silver Coach) permitted.
    • Assistant coaching duties with State / Regional teams permitted.
    • Submit proof of your 80 hours coaching experience, then you are ready for a final On Lane Evaluation Component (Part 2)
  • PRACTICAL: On Lane Evaluation Component (Part 2):
    • After completing your own 80 hours experience, you are required to complete one final on-lane evaluation task to prove competency.
    • Working with advanced athletes to complete a task.
    • These sessions will be arranged to suit participant location, and must be witnessed by Course Instructor or authorised Silver Level Coach.
    • Your competency as a Silver Coach will be assessed at this session.

When all elements above are completed to our satisfaction, we will officially accredit the participant as a new TBA Silver Level Coach.

TBA Silver Level Pathway – Additional Tiers & Requirements

When completing the Silver process, you are required to fulfil additional requirements to be recognised by TBA as a registered coach within Australia. These are over and above any USBC course requirements.

Within Australia, TBA understands that not all Silver Level coaches wish to coach State or National Teams or be involved with National Programs such as the NTS. TBA has now added additional tiers and education requirements.

TBA Silver Plus (additional requirements)
Coaches intending to further their coaching career to a higher level, and wish to be eligible for State Team & National Team Coaching Duties, or be involved with National programs such as the NTS, then a TBA Silver Plus level of accreditation is required.

  • Complete and maintain First Aid Training, including yearly CPR – Certificate HLTAID001 & HLTAID003 (or updated equivalent)
  • Maintain yearly ASADA updates.

TBA Silver Elite (additional requirements)

Just like there are Elite Athletes at the top of their field, TBA now acknowledges some Silver Coaches who have continued to develop their skills beyond the minimum requirements. This is the top level of coaching accreditation available within Australia.

Silver Elite status is only appointed to select Silver Coaches by TBA to recognise their additional elite level expertise, experience, and qualifications, over and above any minimum requirements. It enables these coaches to be identified by athletes as having achieved additional skills. Please note that these requirements are all obtained externally at their own cost.

  • Complete and maintain First Aid Training, including yearly CPR – Certificate HLTAID001 & HLTAID003 (or updated equivalent)
  • Maintain yearly ASADA updates.

Complete and submit evidence of TWO or more components from the following list for consideration:

  • Sport or Education related qualification: Cert IV TAE, Graduate Diploma or Degree, Masters, Doctorate.
  • Nationally recognised training qualification (from a TAFE, University or RTO) , in a teaching or sport related field, must be a Certificate IV  or Graduate Diploma or higher (Teaching, Education and Training, Sports Management, Sports Science, Psychology, Fitness, and Nutrition)
  • Evidence of completion, and relevance to enhancing coaching performance.
  • Additional International Coaching Qualification: World Bowling recognised.
  •  EBF Level II or III certification.
  •  Evidence of currency, and process taken to achieve.
  • Internationally recognised ball drilling, equipment or technical expertise: IPSIA, KEGEL or USBC
  • A certificate with components listed, currency, and a minimum of 5 years’ experience.
  • Evidence of how the certificate is relevant, current, and is utilised to enhance coaching.
  • International Coaching Experience: Employment as a “National Coach” for another country.
  • National coaching duties and experience overseas (outside Australia), attending major competitions with National Teams, for a minimum of 3 years total.
  • One country or multiple countries. Evidence of position, duration, and role.
  • Professional Sports Coach: Full time employment in a coaching/sports management position.
  • Employed full time as a coach/sports management for Tenpin Bowling, or another major sport under an NSO / SSO or Sport Australia, 3 years minimum.
  • Evidence of programs developed and implemented, professional development and relevance.

Tips on becoming a silver level coach

Forward to TBA via
 [email protected]

Bowling in your state