TBA Volunteer Support Program

A history-making initiative by Tenpin Bowling Australia will see active coach and managers who volunteer their time and expertise to the sport rewarded for their efforts.

The TBA Volunteer Support Program aims to acknowledge and reward those in the bowling community who provide volunteer commitment and expertise to better the sport. The inaugural support program will introduce two initiatives that provide a variety of benefits rewarded for volunteer dedication.

Launched in June 2021, the initial rollout of the initiative concentrates on our coaches and managers in the sport. The support program aims to thank and reward eligible participants for a variety of services they provide.

To show appreciation, TBA will give back to those within our active volunteer workforce. The program aims to reward those who put their hand up to offer their skills and knowledge to benefit the sport, athletes, state associations and ultimately TBA.

The Volunteer Support Program will relate to all TBA registered coaches and managers with future rewards provided over two different initiatives. Each initiative based on the amount of activity and commitment volunteers offer to the sport.


CENTRE LEVEL ACTIVITY: Working with individuals or groups of participants

WHO?   Current TBA registered Level 1, Bronze or Silver Level Coaches or Team Managers

DOING WHAT? Active with coaching or managing in a TBA Registered Centre (paid or unpaid), providing one or more of the following services to TBA registered athletes:

  • Organised “Coaching Program” or Group Clinic (ongoing or multiple weeks with more than 2 participants).
  • Centre based “Learn to Bowl Program” (10 for 10, Junior League with coaching or similar program)
  • TBA Program: Bowl Patrol, Bowl Abilities or Sporting Schools Program (not as a teacher)
  • Individual coaching program with an athlete (ongoing, not during league)
  • Joining a group coaching program or initiative offered by TBA, States or Head Coach as an assistant coach – Development Camps, Development days, Group Clinics.

THE REWARD:  FREE TBA Sports Membership for the following year

  • As a THANK YOU, TBA will cover the cost of yearly TBA Sports Membership (in the following year);
  • Please Note: This reward will only be valid for paying forward (the following year’s sports membership), not for the current year, retrospectively or backdated; no refunds or credits will be given.


  • To be eligible for free TBA Sports Membership, coaches or managers must be currently registered (be on the coach / managers list) and be active (Coaching or managing) in a TBA registered centre.
  • Proof of eligible activity (log) needs to be submitted to TBA when renewing membership each year.


ZONE / REGIONAL / STATE / NATIONAL LEVEL: Working with Teams and Squads

In addition to being eligible to claim the Initiative 1 reward covering Sports Membership, coaches and managers may also be eligible to have their coach or manager “registration / renewal” fee covered as well.

The Initiative 2 reward is aimed at coaches and managers that step up and contribute a lot more to the sport as a volunteer. It seeks to encourage coaches and managers to increase involvement with their States and Associations.

WHO? TBA Registered Bronze or Silver Coaches, and Managers.

DOING WHAT? Volunteer and be appointed one of the following positions:

  • State / Regional Team or Squad – Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager (Appointed by SSO)
  • State / Regional Coaching Director or equivalent State development focused role (appointed by SSO)
  • National Training Squad – Head Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager (appointed by TBA)
  • National Development Squad Coach or equivalent role (appointed by TBA)

THE REWARD: FREE TBA Coach / Manager Registration (at renewal date).

  • TBA will cover the cost of the next Coach Registration Renewal (June 30 ; 2 years validity),
  • A saving of $100 every 2 years.
  • This reward is aimed at coaches and managers who volunteer their time as State Coaches / Assistant Coaches / NTS Coaches and Managers, thanking them for the time and effort they provide.


  • To be eligible for the free TBA Coach/Manager Registration Renewal reward for two years, coaches or managers must be currently registered (be on the coach / managers list) and show evidence of their involvement with State Associations / TBA in a role which is developing or supporting our teams and athletes.
  • Most of these positions have criteria and require submission of an application. Verification of the level of involvement from relevant States / TBA may be sourced to qualify.

For more information regarding the initiative and process to claim rewards, feel free to contact us.

Contact TBA via
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Mail: Tenpin Bowling Australia
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