Conditions for the Approval of Tournament Accreditations

The Conditions for Tournament Accreditation listed below must be complied with when applying for tournament accreditation.

The competition must be held in a current TBA registered bowling centre which has a current Lane Accreditation Certificate.

TBA event accreditation will be withdrawn if event organisers are proven to have allowed participation in the event by non-members or unregistered Centre’s.

Your event should not be held on the dates selected by TBA for State/Territory Roll Offs and Championship events. No accreditations will be issued for those dates unless an application is made to TBA for exemption. This should be done prior to any advertising of the proposed tournament.

The minimum period for submitting a Tournament Accreditation application is (1) month prior to the tournament commencement date. Applications submitted after the tournament has commenced may not be processed.

Please note:
As part of our accreditation process, TBA checks on any date clashes with both Ranked Events and State nominated dates, as normally we don’t accredit a tournament if it clashes with a State nominated date or Ranked event date.

Tournament accreditations will not be issued if payment has not been received.

Application for Ranked Events must be submitted by the date specified in the Ranked Events Policy with entry forms and rules submitted with the Application (i.e 3 months prior to Ranked event).

All applications must include draft entry forms, poster and/or tournament rules submitted with the accreditation application to enable TBA to counsel in event of possible rule violations and/or discrepancies prior to the printing of final documents.

All TBA Accredited Events that utilise the Simpler Tenpin Software are required to publish all scores online at

Entry Forms that are printed prior to the lodgement of a Tournament Accreditation Application may not comply with the Tournament Accreditation requirements.

We understand that the tournament calendar is very congested and clashes are inevitable. TBA works very hard to accommodate all events that wish to have TBA accreditation. TBA consults with the organiser by suppling alternative dates when there is a clash or works with both events to get an agreed outcome.

Checklist for Tournament Promoters

When applying for Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited Tournament Accreditation, please supply all relevant information where required.

The lanes used for competition must have a current Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited Regulation Bowling Lane Certificate.

All applications must be submitted on a current Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited Tournament Accreditation Application form. The Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited logo and Accreditation Number should be displayed on all tournament entry forms.

Application Form
Tournament Accreditation Form

Multiple Tournament Accreditation Application

The Multiple Tournament Accreditation Application Form is designed for use by Associations who run multiple tournaments in a calendar year (with a minimum of five events).

Application Form
Multiple Accreditation Form

If you are unsure of any item, please contact the Tournament Accreditation Administrator on (07) 3262 4455 or by email to [email protected]

TBA Logo Download

Please download the TBA logo to use for entry forms by clicking here

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