ANC 2022 Results Wrap

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
August 11, 2022

The 2022 Australian National Championship presented by Strike 3 Bowling has concluded on the weekend with several champions crowned throughout the two-week bowling carnival.

The action returned to Zone Bowling Moonah in Hobart for this year’s ANC which saw junior and adult events take place with several marquee events showcased. Known for their innovation, Strike 3 Bowling again introduced some tweaks for the events this year with a ‘franchise model’ adopted instead of the usual state and territory model for the team bowling events.

The ‘franchise model’ was well received by bowlers that attended. The model allows a wider spread of participants than ever before and provides an opportunity for participation to some that may have not received the chance with the old model in place.

We thank Strike 3 Bowling for hosting their second ANC this year and all bowlers who participated in this year’s events.

The junior-aged athletes were the focus of the first week of the 2022 ANC with the popular Presidents’ Shield team competition and Australian Junior Masters individual event the key events.

Presidents’ Shield

For the second year in a row, South Queensland has taken out the Presidents’ Shield overall title at Zone Bowling Moonah.

Shield had a different look this year with Strike 3 Bowling adopting a franchise model for the event. The model would allow several teams from regional areas to join in on the fun with other states and territories.

After bowling an FIQ format in 2021, the Presidents’ Shield would return to its traditional format played over three days of play in 2022.

Each division would be opposed against others for two complete rounds of matches against every other team. The female division would have a total of 14 matches while the Male division would have 18 matches.

The traditional format would see each team member matched against the opposing team member in the corresponding position in the line-up and the player achieving the highest total scratch score for the game would win one point for the team.

The team’s total pinfall would be compared with the total pinfall of the opposing team and two points were awarded to the team with the highest total pinfall.

Shield bowlers were also treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where a clinic was held for Shield Bowlers with the Devil’s Lair stars at the conclusion of the event. Professional bowlers Jason Belmonte, Jesper Svensson, Kyle Troup, Danielle McEwan and Daria Pajak posed for photos and signed autographs for a packed-out venue of very happy juniors.

Overall Team Pointscore

South Queensland would claim the title over Victoria who won silver while the Ballina Bullfrogs and Butterflies tied with New Zealand Katipo on 137 points for bronze.

Female Division

South Queensland would win the female division on 67.5 points ahead of the North Queensland Stingrays on 63 points for silver and New South Blues claiming the bronze on 57.5 points.

Male Division

The New Zealand Katipo team would win the male division title with a massive 91 points awarded. The Ballina Bullfrogs would claim silver six points behind on 85 points and Victoria awarded the bronze on 84 points.

Presidents’ Shield All-Stars

Female Division

  1. Shanae Key (Victoria) – 14-1 record, 2,910 pinfall, 194 average, High game of 245
  2. Aneisha Shipston (Ballina) – 10-3 record, 2,442 pinfall, 187,8 avg, High game of 235
  3. Natasha Goggin (New Zealand) – 10-4 record, 2,736 pinfall, 195.4 avg, High game of 245
  4. Amelie Perrin-Nitschke (Victoria) – 10-4 record, 2,594 pinfall, 185.3 avg, High game of 206
  5. Mackenzie Dunbar-Roberts (New South Blues) – 10-5 record, 2,640 pinfall, 176 avg, High game of 212

Male Division

  1. Liam Cochrane (SA Tormentors) – 16-2 record, 4,318 pinfall, 239.9 avg, High game of 279
  2. Nicholas Rajkovic (Victoria) – 16-2 record, 4,094 pinfall, 227.4 avg, High Game of 278
  3. Blake Walsh (Ballina) – 15-3 record, 4,169 pinfall, 231.6 avg, High game of 289
  4. Osiris Cave (New Zealand) – 14-2 record, 3,642 pinfall, 227.6 avg, High game of 289
  5. Ryan Julian (New Zealand) – 13-4 record, 4,100 pinfall, 241.2 avg, High game of 279

Australian Junior Masters

New Zealand Katipo provided a clean sweep of the titles on offer with Ben Pettit and Jessica Marginson crowned Australian Junior Masters champions at the first week of the ANC.

In a slightly rejigged format compared to last year, participants would complete a qualifying stage, matchplay stage and a knockout finals stage to find the ultimate winners.

After introducing the under 14 Australian Masters event last year, Strike 3 Bowling built in the award within the Australian Junior Masters event this year with the highest placed male and female players who were under 14 years of age to be crowned the TBA Australian under 14 Junior Masters champions.

Under 14 Australian Masters

The two winners of the Un14 Australian Masters titles in 2022 are Shanae Key (VIC) and Lachlan Howse (SQ).

Australian Junior Masters Qualifying

Participants would be required to bowl eight games of qualifying in a single session with multiple entries not allowed. The top twelve male and female qualifiers, based on total pinfall, would then advance to the Matchplay finals.

Queensland Junior Cup champion Tamika Pettigrew led from the front after the eight qualifying games with a 279 game in her third the highlight. National Training Squad members Emma Blunden and junior rankings leader Emily Hart tied for the 12th place on 1,470 pinfall.

As per the event rules, in the event of a tie, a 9th and 10th frame playoff was played and saw Emma Blunden receiving the green light to advance to matchplay.

After finishing runner-up in the TBA21 Masters event in 2021, New Zealand’s Ryan Julian came out firing in the qualifying stage of the junior event this year. The New Zealander would bowl a high game of 279 in the first game and lead by 41 pins from his nearest challenger Nicholas Rajkovic who bowled a 289 game in the eighth.

Sam Coombs and Kosei Mcgrath-Takeji tied in 12th position which activated the 9th and 10th frame playoff and saw Kosei claim the last spot.

Matchplay Stage

All twelve players would complete eleven games in a matchplay format with wins, draws and losses determining the order. Two points would be awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss. With pinfall not carrying over, it was a fresh opportunity to make a move and finish in the top four that would advance to the knockout finals stage.

Entering the stage as the third highest qualifier, New Zealand’s Jessica Marginson made her move in matchplay to cement the top spot in the knockout stage.

After surviving a 12th place playoff in qualifying, Western Australian Emma Blunden came out with nothing to lose and finished in second spot with Tahlia Corbett, who both finished with 14 points.

The fourth position would be awarded to Shanae Key who finished on the same points (13) as fellow Victorian Lily Loats. Key would be awarded the 4th position in the knockout finals due to having a higher total pinfall.

Bernie Grueseo Jnr III would lock up the top spot after being awarded 18 points averaging 228.7 over the eleven games.

Similar to the girls, after surviving a playoff in qualifying New Zealand’s Kosei Mcgrath-Takeji would come out firing in matchplay and finish in second place.

Three bowlers would end up with 14 points for the last two spots. Victorian Trent McDougall and New Zealands Ben Pettit would scrape by on pinfall with Ballina’s Blake Walsh the unlucky one to miss out.

Knockout Finals

A single match elimination would be activated to find the 2022 winners.

Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament

The prestigious Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament kicked off week two of ANC and similar to the Presidents’ Shield, the ‘franchise model’ was adopted for the first time in the history of the tournament.

The new model allowing the most entered teams in the history of the event to occur with special representative teams from both New Zealand and TBA21 NTS squads. On top of that, PBA professional bowlers Kyle Troup and Jesper Svensson stayed back from their involvement in Devil’s Lair to compete in the famous event for the Hobart Capitals.



A dominating performance by the Hobart Capitals Women team steered them to claiming the Trish Datson trophy on 187 total points. Fifteen points behind was a powerful performance from the Townsville Cutters on 172 points. In third place was TBA21 who finished on 133 points.

Female Division

Male Division

Australian Masters

The Australian Masters would conclude the two-week ANC with the best bowlers in Australia and New Zealand battling it out for this year’s crowns.

Bowlers would complete eight games of qualification to qualify for the top 12 that would advance to match play. Once in match play, bowlers would complete eleven games of match play against other finalists aiming to finish in the top 4 that would compete in the knockout finals stage.


Matchplay Stage

Knockout Finals

Classic Cup

Congratulations to Jasmine Walker (TAS) and Will Pettit (NZ) for claiming the Australian Classic Cup titles for 2022.