Australian Junior Masters Champions Crowned at 2023 ANC

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
July 7, 2023

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) congratulates Shanae Key and Sam Coombs on their exceptional performances, securing the titles of 2023 TBA Australian Junior Masters Champions! 🏆🎉

Podium Finishes:

🏆 Female Division 🏆

🥇 Shanae Key
🥈 Aneisha Shipston
🥉 Emily Hinspeter

🏆 Male Division 🏆

🥇 Sam Coombs
🥈 Kohan Davis
🥉 Tarkyn Percy

Qualifying Round: The journey began with bowlers completing eight games in the qualifying round, aiming to secure a place among the top 16 advancing to the matchplay stage.

In the female division, Victorian bowler Shanae Key dominated the standings, finishing at the top of the qualifying round. Key showcased her exceptional skills, averaging an impressive 229.6 over eight games, accumulating a total of 1,837 pins. This outstanding performance placed her 167 pins ahead of her closest competitor, Brooke Buckingham.

For the male division, Nicholas Rajkovic emerged as the top qualifier. Averaging 227.3, the Victorian bowler demonstrated his talent by achieving a perfect 300 game in his sixth match. Rajkovic finished the qualifying round with 1,818 pins, narrowly edging out Sam Coombs by a mere two pins.

Matchplay Stage: The matchplay stage followed, with the top 16 female and male bowlers competing against each other in sixteen games. Each bowler faced the other 15 competitors once, and a positional round determined the matchups for the sixteenth game.

In the female division, Aneisha Shipston secured the top spot in the matchplay standings, amassing a total of 26 points. Shipston, from Queensland, won 13 out of her 16 matches, solidifying her place at the top of the stepladder final. The remaining four spots in the stepladder final were earned by Emily Hinspeter, Shanae Key, Aleisha McGarry, and Kayla Piffero.

Sam Coombs claimed the lead in the male division, finishing atop the standings and securing a place in the stepladder final with 24 points. Coombs, another rising talent hailing from Ballina, won 12 out of his 16 games. The remaining four spots in the stepladder final were earned by Tarkyn Percy (21 pts), Kohan Davis (20 pts), Brock Gordon (20 pts), and Mitchell Parsons (20 pts). Unfortunately, Nicholas Rajkovic narrowly missed out on the stepladder, collecting 18 points in the matchplay stage.

Stepladder Finals: The stepladder finals featured the top five bowlers from the matchplay stage, vying for the coveted title of the 2023 Australian Junior Masters.

The stepladder finals unfolded as follows:

Female Division:

  1. Kayla Piffero defeated Aleisha McGarry 217-156.
  2. Shanae Key defeated Kayla Piffero 216-159.
  3. Shanae Key defeated Emily Hinspeter 192-186.
  4. Shanae Key defeated Aneisha Shipston 222-178.

Male Division:

  1. Brock Gordon defeated Mitchell Parsons 211-147.
  2. Kohan Davis defeated Brock Gordon 226-179.
  3. Kohan Davis defeated Tarkyn Percy 232-168.
  4. Sam Coombs defeated Kohan Davis 222-184.

Tenpin Bowling Australia extends its congratulations to all the bowlers who participated in the Australian Junior Masters this year. The complete results can be found by clicking here