Author: kristiemiddleton

Day 12 – the FINAL day, ready to crown the Teams World Cup Champions.

Congratulations World Cup Champions Bryanna Cote of the United States of America and Paul Purps of Germany.

Day 10 – we saw the 8 Men’s Teams become Four today!

Day 10 – Men’s TEAMS – there are eight left, today we will know the final four.

Day 9 – Top 8 for both groups is SET! Read all about it HERE.

Day 9 – Back to the Individual Competition – Top 32 Men into the Top 16 Men and the Top 16 Women – who will progress?

Day 8 – The Top 8 and Top 4 Men and Women’s Team are decided – see all the matches and ladders here.

Day 8 – The Teams will be cut down; we will confirm the leaderboards!

Day 7 – the Teams have played their way into a completely different leaderboard! All the Details Are Here.

Day 7 – TEAMS continues with 7 games for the women and 4 games for the men, the standings are all important to continue through to the next phase.

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