Become a Coach

There are three levels of Tenpin Bowling coaching accreditation: Level 1, Bronze and Silver.
Each level provides the relevant information to equip coaches with the resources necessary to coach athletes associated with that level. Accreditation can only attained in this order: 

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You can also become a Lane Ranger or Assistant Lane Ranger to coach our national learn to bowl program; Bowl Patrol. Find out more at

The Benefits of Being a Registered Tenpin Bowling Coach

Coach Registration with the NSO for 2 years

Opportunities to coach in TBA Registered Centres, attend State and National Coaching workshops

Dependent on your level of qualification, the opportunity to be a coach for Local, State or National teams, including schools, from beginners to elite

TBA Coach ID Tag

– $20 million Public Liability Insurance
– $5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance (please refer to the Summary of Cover under ‘Insurance’)

Knowledge & Professional Development

  • Improve knowledge of the sport and coaching techniques
  • Networking opportunities to share knowledge and exchange new approaches to coaching
  • Learn tools to improve an athletes mental, physical and social development

Renew Accreditation

Coaches must complete and forward the following documentation for reaccreditation:

  • TBA Coach Re-accreditation Form
  • Cost for Re-accreditation:
    • Level 1 – $30
    • Bronze – $100
    • Silver – $100
  • Confirmation of State Working with Vulnerable People/Children Check
  • Signed Coach/Officials Code of Behaviour form (included with re-accreditation application)
  • Signed Child Protection Declaration form (included with re-accreditation application)
  • Current First Aid including CPR Certification (Silver Only)
  • ASADA Level 2 Yearly Update Certificate (Bronze & Silver Only) – click here to visit the ASADA eLearning Portal
  • Update Play by the Rules – Child Protection and Harassment & Discrimination if expired – click here to visit the PBTR eLearning Portal
  • Proof of Coaching/Personal Development points (1 point = 1 hour)
Coach LevelMinimum Point Requirements
TBA Level 115 – any level of athlete and competition
TBA Bronze20 – any level of athlete and competition
10 – local/state level (165 average or above)
TBA Silver10 – any level of athlete and competition
25 – local/state level (185 average or above)
5 – state/national government approved or First-Aid including CPR workshops and courses

TBA Accredited Coaches are encouraged to complete a log book of practical coaching hours and personal development courses undertaken.

Coaches are to supply a copy of this log book upon re-accreditation every two years as proof of points accrued. Up line Coaches or Centre Managers are able to provide written documentation confirming regular coaching hours as a witness, in lieu of a completed log book.

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