Belmonte Joins with TBA to Grow the Sport Across Australia

By Chris Rushton
February 13, 2019

Australian and Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) star Jason Belmonte has been officially announced as an ambassador for Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA).

The ten-time PBA Major winner, who has a rising profile throughout Australia, will assist TBA in growing the sport, whilst assisting the organisation in delivering key messages to the sport’s stakeholders and wider community.

“Growing bowling in Australia is very important to me – it’s my home and it’s where I first fell in love with the sport.  Partnering with the governing body (TBA) is a critical step in developing the sport together,” Belmonte said after signing the historic agreement.  

With Belmonte’s achievements of 19 PBA Titles and 4 PBA Player of the Year awards signaling his standing in the sport, it’s his ability to engage with those who don’t regularly participate in the sport as well as the Australian bowling community that’s the most exciting element to this agreement according to TBA CEO Cara Honeychurch.
“Jason is an inspirational figure and this agreement will allow both parties to work together to grow and develop the sport in Australia as well as assisting TBA with engaging our current stakeholders.”

The newly signed agreement will also see the 35-year-old father of three become the face of TBA’s Bowl Patrol program.  Launched in 2017, and aimed at attracting the next generation to the sport, Bowl Patrol has grown to see 28 centres across the country deliver the program in 2018 and Honeychurch believes this agreement with the world Number One will attract new participants to the sport.   

“With Bowl Patrol revolutionising how bowling is taught to children, including concepts such as carpets being placed on the lanes and a unique scoring system, Bowl Patrol’s innovation resonates with Jason’s story of doing things differently to achieve outstanding results.”

“The synergies between Jason and Bowl Patrol are bound to speak to the next generation who will be attracted to the sport through Jason and his unique style as well as his outstanding achievements,” Honeychurch added.  

In conjunction with the announcement TBA has released a short video here starring the world Number One, and will release further content with Belmonte across 2019.