Bowl Patrol strike it lucky with GameDay

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 23, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia is pleased to announce it has partnered with digital solutions platform – GameDay, to support the registration process for its national junior program – Bowl Patrol.

Boasting 20 years of experience, GameDay is a global leader in sports technology and digital solutions. The connection to the Melbourne based company was made in partnership with the International Bowling Federation (IBF) who use GameDay in registrations for its international events.

Providing one seamless solution that searches all available Bowl Patrol programs Australia-wide, GameDay helps provide a simple, streamlined, and high-speed solution to the end-users experience during the registration process.

The new Bowl Patrol website ‘Find a Program’ feature

Designed to benefit both the end-user and TBA in managing the registration process, the platform will provide blazing fast search results and allow integrated secure online payment functionality whilst also providing the capability for international registrations in the future.

“We’re serious about our growth and development alongside other national and international junior sports products globally,” said TBA’s Program & Development Manager, Emily Rennes. “Capturing data in an ‘easy to use’ secure location means our customers can trust the online experience will match the in-centre one.”

A key pillar in the TBA Strategic Plan is Playful Connections. The pillar aims to get more people playing the sport connecting through tenpin bowling. Adopting the GameDay software is another critical step in delivering against the plan and evolving the Bowl Patrol program.

Designed to introduce primary school-aged children to the great fun of tenpin bowling, Bowl Patrol is specifically designed to provide a fast, fun, active experience that also teaches the fundamental skills of bowling.

“Bowl Patrol is such an excellent program,” said GameDay General Manager, Andy Graham.

“It’s just one example of how great sporting organisations like Tenpin Bowling Australia are up for the challenge of growing their sport.

“GameDay is purpose-built for the challenge of growing with them,” added Graham.

With registrations now open for Term 2 programs, have a look at how the GameDay platform integrates on the new Bowl Patrol website.

Find a Bowl Patrol

Bowl Patrol Website