300 Game History

A ‘300’ refers to the score of a bowling game, where every ball delivered knocks every pin over and results in a strike. It’s a perfect game!

Did you know 300 Games are only recognised if they were bowled in league or an accredited tournament? The first recognised 300 game bowled in Australia was by Joe Velo in March 1963 at Northern Bowl NSW. A list of our current 300 games can be found in the 300 Club further down this page.

The first recognised 300 games bowled in each State & Territory are:

  • New South Wales by Joe Velo in March 1963 at Northern Bowl
  • Queensland by Wayne Sullivan in February 1964 at Mt Isa
  • Victoria by Bob Hinton, September 1964 at Chadstone Bowl
  • South Australia by Severino Battistella, 17 September 1967 at Woodville Bowl
  • Australian Capital Territory by Allan Jarman, 1 April 1972 at Olympic Bowl
  • Northern Territory by Kevin Webb, 19 September 1982 at Dustbowl
  • Western Australia by Gwen Bunting, 29 June 1985 at Fairlanes
  • Tasmania by Paul Lucock, August 1988 at Moonah Bowl, Hobart.

The first person to bowl two recognised 300 games was Chris Batson.  The first was on 4 March 1974 and the second was on the 30 June 1975.  Both were bowled at Rushcutter Bowl, NSW.

The first woman to bowl a recognised 300 game was Trish Datson on 14 December 1974 at Rushcutter Bowl, NSW.

The youngest boy to bowl a recognised 300 game was Tarkyn Percy, who was only 12 years and 5 months, when he bowled the 300 on 18 February 2018, at Bowland Salisbury, SA.

The youngest girl to bowl a recognised 300 game was Samantha Clifton, who was only 14 years, 1 month and 10 days, when she bowled the 300 on 28 August 2019, at Warners Bay Superstrike.

The oldest person to bowl a recognised 300 game was Garry Van Wyck on 7 March 2022, at the age of 77 years and 4 months, at Terrace Strikezone, NSW.

The first person to bowl back-to-back recognised 300 games was Derek Adams in February 2003, at Nerang Tenpin Bowl, Qld.

Nine 300 games have been bowled in the Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament.  Tracey Madden was first woman to bowl a 300 game during Walter Rachuig Trophy Tournament.  This was in 2004 at AMF Forest Hill, Vic, and was Tracey’s first 300 game.

Bianca Flanagan was the first junior bowler to ever bowl a 300 game during the President’s Junior Interstate Shield.  This was bowled in 2004 at Illawarra StrikeZone, NSW.

In the years 1963 to 1969, there were a total of 14 recognised 300 games bowled in Australia.  In 2011 alone, there were 255 recognised 300 games bowled in Australia.

Monday 18th March 2013 was a big milestone in Australian bowling as the sport celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first 300 game bowled anywhere in the world outside of the United States in 1963.

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