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A centre is considered ‘registered’ once they comply with the Lane Registration Certification Policy. Being registered and recognised by Tenpin Bowling Australia brings a number of benefits to a centre such as lane measuring, access to programs (like Bowl Patrol and Sporting Schools) and the benefits of sports registration for its league bowlers. This also allows centre to host accredited tournaments.

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TBA staff are available (Queensland) business hours Monday to Friday all year round – contact us for more information.

Please note – not all centres are currently registered with Tenpin Bowling Australia.

TBA members playing only in an unregistered centre are unable to receive TBA Sports Registration benefits or compete at Centre, Regional, State or National Team levels that requires an average or handicap. Your TBA Sports Registration is dependant upon you bowling at a registered centre.

For centres that opt not to be registered the change to services provided by TBA are as follows: 

  1. Lanes will no longer be measured and accredited with TBA and any high game or series achievements such as 300 games or 800 series will not be recognised. Bowlers will not be eligible for any awards.
  2. League bowlers will not be covered by TBA’s personal accident insurance policy and will not have a recognised average unless they bowl league in another registered centre.  
  3. TBA accredited coaches will not be covered by TBA’s professional indemnity insurance whilst coaching in an unaccredited centre.
  4. Support services, including clarification of rules or other general enquiries, will no longer be provided.
  5. The centre will be unable to host any accredited tournaments ranging from local events through to State and National Championships and TBA Ranked Events.
  6. Centres that compete in Intercentre Championships such as Country Cup, Association Challenge, Interdistrict to name a few examples would be unable to compete if the event is TBA accredited.

A Centre becomes a Registered Centre by:

  • Agreeing to sell TBA Sports Registration to all league bowlers by one of two methods (Traditional or Lane Levy), and
  • Complying with the requirements of Clause 5 in relation to Lane Certificates and Clause 6 in relation to Lane Certification.

Unregistered Centres forfeit the right to:

  • Host or tender for Accredited Tournament
  • Receive support services including clarification of rules or other general enquiries
  • Host accredited TBA Accredited Coaching and Officiating courses
  • Provide TBA awards including High Game recognition
  • Have their lanes inspected and measured
  • Participate in the Sporting Schools and Bowl Patrol Junior Participation programs or other TBA endorsed participation program.

Tournament Accreditations

The Conditions for Tournament Accreditation listed below must be complied with when applying for tournament accreditation. The competition must be held in a current TBA registered bowling centre which has a current Lane Accreditation Certificate. TBA event accreditation will be withdrawn, if event organisers are proven to have allowed participation in the event by non-members or unregistered centres.

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Your event should not be held on the dates selected by TBA for State/Territory Roll Offs and Championship events.  No accreditation will be issued for those dates unless application is made to TBA for exemption. This should be done prior to any advertising of the proposed tournament. The minimum period for submitting a Tournament Accreditation application is (1) month prior to the tournament commencement date. Applications submitted after the tournament has commenced may not be processed. Find out more

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