Celebrating Australia’s Cultural Diversity

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 24, 2022

In collaboration with Welcoming Australia, Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) staff gathered online for Active Inclusion training earlier this month.

Welcoming Australia representatives Maia Tua-Davidson and Van Bawi Thawng took staff through their training as well their brand new ‘Welcoming Clubs’ initiative which aims to use sport as a vehicle to drive inclusion and opportunity for all members of the community.

Welcoming Australia is an organisation committed to cultivating a culture of welcome and advancing an Australia where people of all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive.

Tua-Davidson, a former New Zealand rugby league representative, has led the development of the Welcoming Clubs Standard for Welcoming Australia.

“To be successful, modern clubs have to be adaptable, responsive to community needs and proactive in engaging with new membership groups and participants,” she said.

TBA acknowledges, respects, and celebrates the rich diversity the sport enjoys both in Australia and internationally and continues to identify opportunities for reflection, celebration and learning around how we can ensure everyone has fun on the lanes.

The workshop enabled TBA staff to further their learning and knowledge to ensure people of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds feel welcome and included in the Australian tenpin bowling community.

As Australia marks Harmony Week for 2022, which celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity, it’s a chance to draw attention to the importance of inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone. 

TBA Sport Development and Programs Manager Emily Rennes believes it’s an opportunity to engage everyone in tenpin bowling in Australia.

“There’s always more we can do to ensure people feel welcome; to have equal opportunity, be free from bias – and just enjoy playing the game,” she said.

TBA is proud to offer diversity inclusion in learn to bowl programs Bowl Patrol and Bowl Abilities.

TBA recognises the unique cultural environment our centres exist in, and want to see opportunities like membership, event participation, coaching and cohesion available to everyone.

A sport where everyone can belong.