Centres to trial Communication Tools

By Emily Rennes
November 17, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia is set to pilot three new resources designed to help explain tenpin bowling. In partnership with Scope Australia and their Sport & Recreation for All project, staff and members have been offered complimentary training to get them started.

Following on from the online training, and with the help of an advisory panel from across the tenpin community, these have been delivered to 12 pilot locations.

  • Tenpin Bowling ‘Reception Enquiries’ Communication Board
  • Tenpin Bowling ‘Lanes’ Communication Board
  • Tenpin Bowling Message Cards

These resources are for anyone to use when discussing some of the topics that come up at a centre, but without relying on verbal English alone. Great for linguistically diverse, English as a second language or people with lower English literacy.

The inclusion of images, a keyboard of letters and numbers, plus symbols will allow communication to flow a little easier. Making learning to bowl, asking reception for help, coaching or other bowling centre tasks more accessible.

We’ve asked our pilot centres to provide feedback on the usefulness of these communication tools by the end of 2022. The hope is that any additional changes be made before distributing more broadly across our capable network of tenpin bowling centres.

They’ll also support the two premier inclusion programs; Bowl patrol and Bowl Abilities enabling easier communication in their delivery.

For more information or to be on the waitlist to receive these resources, please email [email protected]

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