By Emily Rennes
November 2, 2020

The nation is slowly building a new generation of bowlers, taught the ‘Bowl Patrol’ way, thousands have now given bowling a go using this method. Whilst the results speak for themselves, just ask some of our centres about their now thriving junior leagues, it’s the pursuit of the ‘black’ coloured wristband that keeps some Patrollers coming back for more.

It’s the ultimate Bowl Patrol achievement, working your way from a 9 metre carpet lane, through the 6 and 3 metre to find yourself on the full length lane. You’ve learnt the basics;

  • Rock On fingers go in the ball
  • Spiderman release lets it go
  • Targeting the head pin, and how to score that left and right side spare

On full length lanes, the value of strikes increases, we attempt the ‘four-step approach’ (although that doesn’t stick for everyone) and have done all the extra activities that help build confidence, coordination and bowling fitness. On the full length lanes, at the pointy end of the program, Patrollers are aiming for the ultimate score; a black wristband.

The last wristband required to complete the collection, having started on white, progressing through yellow, orange, green and blue – the black one represents the pinnacle.

Ethan – Planet Tenpin, Darwin NT

So who’s got a black wristband? Not many, you might be surprised to know, it’s not an easy sport to get really good at. When it happens, we celebrate it big time! Stay tuned for our next black wristband celebration.

Check out Bowl Patrol at or on Facebook or Instagram @bowlpatrolaus #BowlPatrol

Emily Rennes – Sport Program & Development Manager

Long way down – pins and wristbands (Oz Tenpin Epping, VIC)