Chemist Warehouse Strikes Gold with Tenpin Bowling Australia in Groundbreaking National Teams Sponsorship

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 1, 2023

In an exciting development for the sport of tenpin bowling, Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is proud to announce a trailblazing partnership with the iconic Australian brand, Chemist Warehouse.

This momentous deal crowns Chemist Warehouse as the Major Partner for TBA’s High Performance Programs, marking a significant step forward for athletes and the sport’s community at large.

As the TBA National Teams gear up to make their mark on international stages, they will now be known as the “Tenpin Bowling Australia National Team presented by Chemist Warehouse,” donning uniforms emblazoned with the renowned Chemist Warehouse logo. This collaboration is set to provide essential support for athletes, aiding in expenses ranging from uniforms to financial subsidies to equipment transit, which are often shouldered by the athletes themselves due to the sport’s non-Olympic status.

“The partnership with retail giant Chemist Warehouse is a monumental leap for TBA,” commented TBA CEO Rohan O’Neill. “It’s more than a sponsorship; it’s a shared commitment to nurture and support our athletes across all demographics.

“We are already delivering on several positive outcomes through our high-performance area following the High Performance review in 2022. This announcement today will further advance our High Performance programs to further our athletes as they look to dominate on the world stage in 2024,” added O’Neill.

“It further demonstrates that tenpin bowling is a sport going places, and we are ecstatic to welcome Chemist Warehouse as the major sponsor of our national teams,” stated O’Neill.

Mario Tascone, Chemist Warehouse Director, reflected on the synergy between the two organisations: “Chemist Warehouse has always strived to bring health and happiness to Australians, and we see a reflection of our values in the community spirit of TBA. We’re honoured to support these athletes, who showcase true dedication and passion for their sport. As the House of Wellness, we are committed to fostering healthy living and promoting sports as a pathway to wellness, our partnership with TBA is an extension of this.”

This partnership is a testament to the growing recognition of tenpin bowling as a sport that not only entertains but also creates a community of dedicated athletes aspiring to represent Australia on the global stage.

With Chemist Warehouse’s support, TBA is set to roll out even more robust programs and support systems for its National Training Squads across all age demographics, including Junior, Youth, Adult, Senior, and Inclusion categories.