There’s a plethora of resources for coaches to continue learning and engage in professional development. Some of them are listed below, but you’re welcome to share your tips and links on our social pages, search for ‘Tenpin Bowling Australia. As coaches, we’re always looking to;

  • Gain knowledge of the sport and the range of coaching techniques
  • Networking opportunities to overcome challenges and share new approaches
  • Find tools to improve all aspects of an athletes mental, physical and social development

Online Learning Portal

These coaching courses have been developed by the Sport Australia (previously Australian Sports Commission), and cover the aspects of effective coaching, officiating and participation common to all sports including the well known Play by the Rules suite of courses. By taking these courses you will upgrade your knowledge and skills, which will help to create safer, fairer and more inclusive environments for all people involved in sport.

Participating in Sport Resources

These coaching resources have been developed by the Sport Australia, and cover the aspects of coaching and participation common to all sports.

Special Olympics

We’re proud of our partnership with Special O, a wonderful network of supportive and evolutionary people passionate about sport. Special Olympics Australia is part of a global sporting community for people with an intellectual disability. Get in contact with them to find out more about resources and groups near you. 

Special Olympics Australia and Leaders of Evolution have released a new online coaching course to provide a greater sporting experience for people with an intellectual disability. It uses a variety of videos, case studies and questions to equip coaches with the skills to be able to deliver practical coaching sessions to people with an intellectual disability across a variety of sports. Check it out at

Inclusive Coaching Tips

Coaches are encouraged to educate themselves on the variety of challenges and abilities athletes may present with. By its nature tenpin bowling is already a very inclusive sport, suitable for participants of all abilities – but we can always do more!

  • Remember to utilise modifications; ramps, ball grip, bumpers, shortened lanes and modified scoring are just a few suggestions.
  • Autism spectrum participants may experience sensory overload in a bowling centre, where possible turn the music down, still the screens and quiet the machines. Returning to a ‘regular’ lane helps with comfort and predictability.
  • Always be open and accepting of any bowler who approaches you to coach them.
  • Put the bowler before the disability eg. Leanne is a bowler with cerebral palsy.
  • Some bowlers with disability may experience disadvantage when it comes to participating. Like all bowlers they will have varying abilities. Ask the bowler what they are able to do and work towards maximizing their abilities.
  • Consider the factors that may disadvantage your bowlers with a disability (use the TREE principle: teaching or coaching style, rules, equipment and environment) and look at how these can be adapted and modified to make your coaching more inclusive.
  • Get to know your individual bowlers—it is not necessary to understand specific disabilities but you need to know each of your bowlers.
  • Be proactive, build awareness and educate other bowlers and coaches about being inclusive; share your ideas and experiences with others.
  • Look to learn from other coaches, seek advice from Tenpin Bowling Australia and other key organisations

Coaches & Officials Code of Behaviour 

Please refer to the Harassment-Free Sport Guidelines available from the Australian Sports Commission, for more information on harassment issues.

Coaches should……
Be treated with respect and openness.
Have access to self-improvement opportunities.
Be matched with a level of coaching appropriate to their level of competence.

Parental Information and Indemnity Form 

This form is designed to inform parents of the actions which may occur and the risk management procedures Tenpin Bowling Australia has in place.  This form seeks your consent for Tenpin Bowling Australia Team coaches to work using the tool of touch in an appropriate manner with your child.

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