Countdown to Huge Tenpin Bowling Carnival in Toowoomba

May 28, 2019

The countdown has begun – Australia’s pinnacle event for senior tenpin bowlers will be held in Toowoomba in three months’ time, commencing on 23rd August. 

The 11-day carnival of fierce but friendly competition will attract players aged 45 and over from all around Australia. Toowoomba will be buzzing with bowling action and this year’s ATBSO National Seniors Challenge will include a variety of additional activities allowing visitors to enjoy the cosmopolitan-country vibe of the ‘capital of the Darling Downs’.

Proudly supported by Toowoomba Regional Council and accredited by the sport’s governing body, Tenpin Bowling Australia, the tournament is expected to attract 500-600 participants and supporters. The Championship and Presentation Dinner are highlights of the sport’s calendar and the 24-lane Sunset Superbowl has been chosen as the venue for this major tournament.

Players compete in individual and team events in four divisions: Restricted (average 179 and under for Men and 169 and under for Women), Classic (average 199 and under for Men and 189 and under for Women), Grand Seniors (60+ years) and Open (no restriction of averages).

Gala dinner to be live-streamed

The Championship will culminate with a gala Presentation Dinner at Toowoomba’s City Golf Club on 2nd September which will be live-streamed nationally.

“The Toowoomba region just ticks all the boxes for large tenpin bowling events,” commented Vice-President of TBAQ, Morty Douglass. “The opportunity to experience some of Queensland’s best tourist attractions, a state of the art bowling centre, in Sunset Superbowl, and a proactive and engaging Regional Council and local community ….. simply put, one of the best regions in Australia to stage national championships,” he added.

TRC Mayor Cr Paul Antonio agrees with TBAQ VP Morty Douglass that Toowoomba is the ideal region to host the 2019 ATBSO National Seniors Challenge

All smiles – TRC Mayor Cr Paul Antonio with TBAQ’s Morty Douglass and Lynne Clay in the lead up to the 2019 ATBSO National Seniors Challenge (all pictures courtesy Toowoomba Regional Council)