Day Three Recap: TBA President’s Junior Shield

By Matt Stevens
April 20, 2024

What a spectacular finale at the TBA President’s Junior Shield!

With perfect 300 games and champions crowned, the last day of the 2024 event truly had it all. A huge congratulations to every participant who competed over the past three days—you’ve joined the prestigious ranks of those honored to compete in Shield. Let’s find out how the final day unfolded and who emerged victorious!

Congratulations to North Queensland who has claimed the overall point score title in this years TBA President’s Junior Shield.

This is the second time in Shield history that North Queensland has won the overall title after last winning it in 2002 at AMF Bankstown in NSW.

All tournament, the team from the NQ have enjoyed equal production of points from both their male and division winning female team and finished their 2024 event on 203.5 points.

Congratulations to the below team members on this incredible achievement.

Emily HinspeterBlayde Christensen
Sophie JonesLachlan Hembrow
Emily StarkeyHayden Miller
Isabelle WallworkEthan Bachmann
Sophie GreavesKohan Davis
Brooke HinspeterTravis Cocks


  • EJ Starkey (Coach)
  • Billy Gardiner (Coach)
  • Mandy Starkey (Manager)
  • Belinda Jones (Manager)
  • Teresa Hinspeter (Assistant Manager)

A big congratulations to the other podium placegetters.

In second place, Victoria finishes with the silver medals after finishing their campaign on 184.5 points and led by a strong boys’ team who took out the male division.

Rounding out the podium is South Queensland who finished on 178.5 points to edge Northern NSW for the bronze medal.

Sophie Jones – North Queensland

One pivotal force behind North Queensland’s overall success was their female team, who clinched the division title with a dramatic comeback on the final day. This victory marks North Queensland’s fifth female title in the history of the Shield, with their previous triumph back in 2017 at Tenpin City, Lidcombe, where they secured back-to-back championships.

The final day started with a setback as North Queensland lost to South Queensland 2-5 in the opening game. However, they quickly regained their composure in a crucial match against Northern NSW, their main rivals, winning decisively 6-1. This victory was a turning point, boosting their confidence and propelling them to win the remaining games of the day. Emily Hinspeter emerged as a standout performer, finishing second in the individual standings with a 10-8 record and an impressive average of 199. With a total of 102 points, North Queensland proudly claimed the 2024 Female Shield Championship.

Northern NSW finished in second place with 95.5 points, managing a 4-2 record on the last day. Brooke Buckingham was a key player, finishing fourth in the individual standings with an average of 191.2 and a record of 19-5-1. Right behind her was teammate Brianna Walsh, ending the tournament in fifth place with a solid average of 190.9 and a 16-4 record.

Vanessa Hannigan – Northern NSW

The battle for third was intensely close, but South Queensland narrowly secured it by just 0.5 points over Victoria, thanks to a pivotal 6-1 victory against New Zealand in their 20th game. Leading South Queensland’s charge was Bella Westlake, a member of Team TenpinResults over the last few years in which through her association has played a significant role in her development, reflecting her dedication and commitment to the sport. Throughout the tournament, Bella performed exceptionally, finishing with a staggering average of 216.9—far surpassing the next closest competitor at 199.9. With 13 wins and only 4 losses, her outstanding contributions not only propelled her team to a podium finish but also earned her the top all-star title in the female division.

  1. Bella Westlake (SQ) – 13-4, 216.9 avg
  2. Emily Hinspeter (NQ) – 10-8, 199.9 avg
  3. Chloe Gee (VIC) – 10-6, 198.4 avg
  4. Brooke Buckingham (NNSW) – 9-5-1, 191.2 avg
  5. Brianna Walsh (NNSW) – 16-4, 190.9 avg
L-R All-Stars – Bella Westlake, Emily Hinspeter, Chloe Gee, Brooke Buckingham, Brianna Walsh

A big congratulations to North Queensland’s Sophie Greaves, who emerged as the most victorious bowler in this year’s female shield competition. She won an impressive 86.7% of her matches, finishing with a stellar record of 13-2-0. Throughout her 15 games, she maintained a solid average of 177.3.

What a remarkable achievement! Victoria’s Chloe Gee bowled her first ever 300 game during match 18 of this year’s shield. This incredible feat marks only the second perfect 300 game in the history of the Shield, the first being achieved by Bianca Flanagan from South Queensland in 2004. Congratulations on your phenomenal accomplishment, Chloe!

William Zaccaria – Victoria

Despite facing challenges over the three days, Victoria emerged victorious in the Male Division of the 2024 TBA President’s Junior Shield, securing the title with a total of 105.5 points and playing a big part in Victoria’s silver medal in the overall race. This marks Victoria’s fifth male division title in Shield history, their last triumph occurring in 2014 at Tenpin City, Lidcombe, NSW.

Starting the final day with a slender one-point lead, Victoria experienced its share of ups and downs but ultimately finished strong with a 4-2 record for the day. Nicholas Rajkovic led the team with exceptional bowling, clinching six wins from his seven games and boasting an average of 224.1 for the event. His performance was highlighted by a perfect 300 game in match 19, propelling him to the top of the individual standings. Congratulations, Nicholas!

Supporting Rajkovic’s stellar performance were his teammates Mitchell Wardrop and William Zaccaria, who finished third and fifth in the individual standings with averages of 212.1 and 206.6, respectively. Five of Victoria’s boys finished in the top 15 of the individual standings.

North Queensland claimed the silver medal with a total of 101.5 points after several positional changes throughout the day. Blayde Christensen, another standout from Team TenpinResults and North Queensland, continued his impressive run following his successes in the TPL Next Gen and the Masters, finishing second in the individual standings with five wins and an average of 223.3.

Ethan Bachmann – NQ

South Queensland rounded out the top three, securing the bronze with 99 points. Tyler Clarkson led the team, finishing tenth in the individual standings with an average of 200.6. A special mention goes to Samuel Kubik, who emerged as the most successful bowler in the male division, winning an impressive 82.4% of his matches with a record of 14-3 and an average of 192.6.

  1. Nicholas Rajkovic (VIC) – 224.1
  2. Blayde Christensen (NQ) -= 223.3
  3. Mitchell Wardrop (VIC) – 212.1
  4. Zayne Pirlo (NNSW) – 209.6
  5. William Zaccaria (VIC) – 206.6
L-R All-Stars – Nicholas Rajkovic, Blayde Christensen, Mitchell Wardrop, Zayne Pirlo, William Zaccaria

Nicholas Rajkovic of Victoria bowled a perfect 300 game in match 19 today, securing the highest game of the event. This remarkable achievement marks only the seventh 300 game by a male in the history of the Shield.

The winners of this year’s Jason Belmonte Sportsperson Awards are Brianna Walsh (NNSW) and Jake Sayer (NNSW).

These guys were voted by their peers as the bowlers who showcased the best sportsmanship throughout Shield. Voted throughout the first two days of play via a 3-2-1 system.

Congratulations guys, you will both receive a Storm Bowling ball courtesy of Jason Belmonte, who continues to support this award through his sponsorship. Thank you, Jason!!

A BIG congratulations to Chloe Gee and Nicholas Rajkovic for bowling perfect games today on the last day of Shield.

A big thank you to BPD Bowling and Brando for sponsoring this achievement by providing Storm bowling balls to both of you!

We extend our heartfelt applause to all the bowlers for their exceptional skill and sportsmanship displayed throughout the week. It’s a pleasure to host this prestigious event once again, and we hope you have enjoyed being part of the rich history of this remarkable team competition.

A big shoutout to all the teams who travelled from near and far to be here, especially our friends from New Zealand. Our friendship continues to strengthen, both on and off the lanes. 😊

A massive thank you to the incredible parents, family members, and friends who supported the bowlers, whether in person at the AGL National High Performance Centre or from home via social media. Your encouragement means the world to the athletes as they proudly represent their states or regions.

Special thanks to Julie and her team at the AGL National High Performance Centre. Organising such events requires meticulous attention to detail, and it’s clear that Julie and her team excelled in managing this seamlessly.

We also can’t forget the volunteers whose dedication made this event possible. Your contributions are invaluable, and nothing could happen without your efforts.

A nod to Nathan Stein, who has capably overseen his first Junior Nationals as Tournament Director. Nathan’s meticulous organisation and effort ensured everything ran smoothly—well done!

And to the bowlers who are transitioning out of the Junior Division, thank you for your years of commitment and dedication. We are excited to see how you will continue to excel and make your mark in the Youth Division.

Aging-Out – Bowlers who are aging out of the Junior Division in 2024