Enrol Now – Accessibility Champion Course Opportunity

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
January 26, 2023

While some people with disability actively participate in sport and leisure activities, there are many that face barriers.

Disability Sports Australia (DSA) is partnering with the Australian Sports Commission to deliver an online Accessibility Champion Course that provides the first, simple steps for a sporting club or leisure provider to begin its journey to becoming more accessible.

A key part of the course is promoting the identification, upskilling, and support of an Accessibility Champion(s) to help grassroots sporting clubs and leisure providers start the journey.

This course is for those that are new to the disability space to better understand the Australian disability landscape and to help connect Australians with a disability to sporting and leisure activities in their local areas.

Enrol Now – Accessibility Champion, a new online course supporting greater accessibility within local sporting clubs and leisure providers for people with disability.

Disability Sports Australia enlisted the help of several Paralympic legends, with Louise Sauvage OAM PLY, Chris Bond OAM PLY, Katie Kelly OAM PLY and Melissa Perrine PLY all contributors to the course.

The short, engaging, and easy-to-follow course has been designed specifically for volunteers and local community sport and leisure providers, providing simple steps to becoming a more accessible destination.

If you are passionate about creating equal opportunities and equal access for everyone in your local community, then now is your chance to become an Accessibility Champion. Together, let’s build an army of Accessibility Champions all helping make Australian sporting clubs and leisure providers accessible for all.

TBA has also confirmed that this is a recognised Professional Development Opportunity for accredited coaches of the sport. The Accessibility champion course will count towards renewal/upgrading hour requirements as professional development through proof of completion.

Enrol now at: sports.org.au/learning-hub

For more information please contact [email protected]