Entry Release: 2024 Sydney Bowlfest

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
April 8, 2024

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is thrilled to announce the entry details for the 2024 Sydney Bowlfest. Hosted by iPlay Tenpin City, Lidcombe, New South Wales, this combined junior and youth bowling event is back for its second year from May 17-19. The festival features two nationally ranked competitions: the Junior Sydney Cup and the Sydney Youth Cup.

Ranked Events:

  • Junior Sydney Cup: This marks the second junior event of the year, following the TBA Australian Junior Masters in late April.
  • Sydney Youth Cup: The second event for the youth division in 2024.

Entry Details:

  • Public entries open on Wednesday, April 10, at 12:00 PM AEST on the TenpinResults platform.

Useful Links:

Event Pages: For the entry form and latest updates, click on the respective event links below:


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