Event Wrap – SA Seniors Classic 2022

By kristiemiddleton
May 29, 2022

Dena Buxton and Andrew Lloyd are the 2022 Champions in South Australia!

Buxton takes her first senior tournament win, while Lloyd continues a run of good form.

It was the first time for Dena Buxton winning a senior tournament on a weekend that went to plan – “the goal was to play to win and make my spares and it ended up being tough but I am so happy with a win” said the 2022 Champion.

It was also the first time winning in South Australia for Andrew Lloyd after winning the Seniors in April, so “to go back to back was a pretty exciting feat” said Lloyd.

The conditions were challenging and for Andrew, the weekend started strong but saw him drop back to second place by the end of the day, with a equally slow start to Day Two before his 1080 score in the last four games took him to the win by 100 pins.

Dena noted “that a combination of training really hard and bowling open events for men and women” had contributed to this success.

Dena’s next event will see her at the Melbourne Cup, while Andrew will be at the TBA 50 in October – his opportunity due to COVID to attend since his win in 2019.

Andrew noted that support he received when he was travelling with a group including Sue Cassell, Brett Smith and Mike Muir, who love to play against against each other and are good mates off the lane.

Both competitors noted their thanks to Paul Delany of 3D Lanes in Wodonga for their gear and the great advice, with Buxon also giving thanks to Dean Champ and Wincity Morwell.

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2003Jeanette Baker (Vic)Barry Morgan (Qld)
2004Jeanette Baker (Vic) Greig Lyas (SA)
2005Jeanette Baker (Vic) John Sullivan (Vic)
2006Jeanette Baker (Vic) Barry Morgan (Qld)
2007Jeanette Baker (Vic) Frosty Gorostioga (SA)
2008Jeanette Baker (Vic) Chris Benson (Vic)
2009Jeanette Baker (Vic) Rob Zikman (Vic)
2010Jeanette Baker (Vic) Kevin Webb (NSW)
2011Jeanette Baker (Vic) Kevin Webb (NSW)
2012Heather Robinson (NSW) Mick Talevski (Vic)
2013Jeanette Baker (Vic) Kevin Webb (NSW)
2014Jeanette Baker (Vic) Warren Stewart (Vic)
2015Jeanette Baker (Vic) Shaun Cummings (NSW)
2016Julie Harrison (Qld) Steve Lenton (NSW)
2017Tracey Crisp (Qld) Jeff Elliott (SA)
2018Mary Dodds (VIC) Rob Kaluci (QLD)
2019Cheryl Womack (QLD) Rob Kaluci (QLD)
2021Jo Babic (SA)Steve Lenton (NSW)
2022Dena Buxton (VIC)Andrew Lloyd (NSW)


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