Junior Sydney Cup

  • May 19 - 21

Division: Junior

Location: Tenpin City, NSW

Date: 19-21 May 2023

Entry Form: View here

Oil Pattern: View here

Updated Schedule – 12/05/2023

Notes from the Tournament Director

  • Parking in the shopping centre is 3hrs free after that it is paid parking (there is now an external company that looks after the parking system and hence we can’t get our free parking anymore)
  • All squads and qualifying attempts need to be paid through Tenpin Results multiple divisions can be qualified for at the same time if the bowler is eligible and will need to be paid for through Tenpin Results before the start of the squad
  • Bowlers will be required to check-in to each squad
  • Squad refunds will not be issued
  • A ball paddock will be available for bowlers in the meeting room