Suncity Inclusion Cup

  • February 25 - 26

Division: Inclusion

Location: Suncity Tenpin Bowl, QLD

Date: 25-26 February 2023

Entry Form: Download Here

Oil Pattern: Download Here

Eligibility Requirements:

The same recognised disabilities in TBA National Disability Championships.


This Tournament is open to all Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) Registered Players who have a disability.  TBA defines a bowler with a disability “as a person who suffers from a condition that has limitation, restriction or impairment that restricts everyday activity. The condition is permanent. It should be noted that degree or degrees of pain are not considered a disability”.

If requested, to prove a disability, a bowler needs to provide one of the types of evidence listed in:

Rule 214 – Disability, Definition of, in the TBA League, Tournament and General Playing Rules.

Each bowler must be able to provide evidence of their disability at any time during the Tournament if requested.

Any bowler who is unsure of their eligibility to compete should apply to the Tournament Committee for final ruling.  Bowlers may be asked to provide written medical information.  It is the bowlers’ responsibility to ensure evidence in support of their disability can be produced. Failure to produce acceptable evidence may result in disqualification with further participation in the tournament not permitted.  

Do I need to be a silver member to be ranked?

Yes, as is the requirement for all ranked event divisions. To become a silver member, you must register as a 2023 League (adult) or Junior and purchase the Silver Upgrade on top of this. You can do this by clicking here

Who do I contact if I have a question? Please email [email protected]