Former Bowl Patroller Travis Kloer’s perfect game

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 22, 2022

It was a perfect game for teenager Travis Kloer as he scored his first 300 at Logan City Tenpin.

Travis becomes the second Bowl Patrol graduate to achieve a 300 game at Logan City Tenpin after Lachlan Nielsen in 2020.

“I was just having a really good day and I took the chance,” Travis explained, who had bowled a 234 average for seven games the day prior. 

As the 14-year-old nervously waited at the top of the lane after letting the ball go, the moment it hit the pins, his nerves turned into joy. 

“It was really nerve-wracking at first, but I was really relieved when I got that strike. I knew I hadn’t executed as well as the other strikes,” he said. “I was relieved and grateful!”

His journey into bowling came during a family visit to Logan City Tenpin, where they spotted a flyer for Australia’s leading learn-to-bowl program – Bowl Patrol. 

Bowl Patrol is designed for primary school children to introduce them to the sport. The eight-week program is adaptable and utilises modifications to make learning to bowl fun all while teaching the fundamental skills of tenpin bowling.

Before trying bowling, Travis had tried his hand at golf and badminton but golf depended on the weather and it was hard to find players in his age group for badminton.

“When we brought him to Logan City Tenpin for his first time, I could see that he loved the game,” Travis’ dad, Arnold said. “Fortunately, Janine was at the counter, and she must have seen his potential too, as she recommended Bowl Patrol.”

Arnold also believes that tenpin bowling is a great sport that offers physical, mental and technical skills simultaneously. 

“You must focus and practice to have the ability to compete at high levels, whilst also having the satisfaction of success,” he said. 

“Bowling can enrich the bowler with fundamentals that are crucial in daily life – patience, concentration and persistence.”

Logan City Tenpin Manager Janine Buckingham knew from the first time she saw Travis on the carpet lanes for Bowl Patrol that he had something special.

“When Bowl Patrol finished all Travis wanted to know was ‘what is next’ so he joined our Rangers league as well starting one-on-one coaching with Mike Southgate,” she explained.

“Travis progressed very fast his abilities to understand his ball, technique and lane conditions meant he learnt fast. He has had hard weeks in the league, but that does not stop him.

“I am so proud of what Travis has learnt with hard work and one day I see him wearing the green and gold.”

Can you spot Travis? He is in the second row.

Since graduating from Bowl Patrol, Travis has continued to take his bowling to the next level becoming involved with league bowling on Monday and Friday. He was also selected on Queensland’s President Shield Team but unfortunately, due to a lockdown, he didn’t get the chance to bowl in the Junior National Championships.

However, it’s not only Travis’ skills that have grown in leaps and bounds but his personality too as Janine explained.

“Travis was a quiet boy but after a few Logan Team Tournament events, he came out of his shell and is now a little social butterfly,” she said.

“Travis and bowling is the best marriage… he can adapt to bowling with kids his age, youth and adults so easily.” 

Travis passion for the sport shines through when he is both on and off the lane. 

Whether it’s meeting and talking to new people or learning from his fellow competitors introducing new techniques and strategies into his game.

But the main reason he loves bowling is because of his home centre – Logan City Tenpin.

“The people and staff make it very welcoming for me, and allow me to practice and develop not only as a bowler but an individual,” he said.

You can follow Travis on Instagram via @traviskloer Interested in joining our Bowl Patrol program? Register for Term 3 now at