By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 7, 2020

TBA has embarked on an exciting journey to evolve and grow our wonderful sport, with 2021 sure to be a transformational year. Recently our board has approved and is implementing a new strategy. At its simplest our vision is, to create a thriving tenpin industry that engages and connects communities through play and skill. Sitting underneath this are the following 4 key pillars that will drive all our activities going forward:

  1. The Business of Bowling – Profitable centres providing awesome experiences
  2. Playful Connections – More people playing the sport and connecting through tenpin bowling
  3. A Striking Force – Provide opportunities for elite bowlers to excel and support them to maximise their talent
  4. Pinned Together – All stakeholders within the sport collaborating and driving to an agreed outcome and clear goals

This reinvigoration has driven recent new appointments that you may have seen and are pivotal to capitalise on our future success.  To this end we again welcome Rohan O’Neill (GM Activity) and Damien Smith (GM Industry) into our family and now our new CEO in Martin Stillman. A further specific announcement has been issued for Martin.

Office Relocation

Tenpin Bowling Australia is relocating the National Office to Melbourne, the sporting capital of Australia in 2021. Melbourne is the home of most national sporting bodies and establishing our Executive Leadership team here is a natural progression for the evolution of our game in the industry.

There will be a transition period in early 2021 however the office phone number and general enquiry email will remain unchanged and active throughout. The fax number is no longer in use.

Phone:                                         (07) 3262 4455

General Email:                            [email protected]

Further details on the new Melbourne office address to follow in 2021.

Office Christmas closure period

Friday 18th December 2020 – Monday 11th January 2021.

“We are focussed on driving towards these outcomes together. I am incredibly excited and motivated for where our sport can go, all working together, and embracing Consumers and our Centre operators needs and drivers”. TBA Chair Jerome said.

We cherish and welcome the States, Territories, Associations, and Members support in driving Tenpin Bowling through the next generation of Bowlers. Please get in touch with me if you wish to discuss further.   

Should you have any questions, please direct these to [email protected]