G’day TBA – Online Member Forum

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 16, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is pleased to introduce G’day TBA – a new initiative designed to open a channel of communication between members and TBA leadership.

The G’day TBA online member forum aims to provide members with a platform to ask questions and gain insights from senior TBA management and Chair of the Board.

The inaugural G’day TBA online member form will be recorded on the 31st March 2022 with TBA Chief Executive Officer Rohan O’Neill and TBA Chairman Jerome Joseph on hand to address submitted questions by TBA members.

The initiative supports TBA’s strategic plan vision for a thriving tenpin bowling industry that engages and connects communities through play and skill. CEO Rohan O’Neill believes the initiative’s purpose is critical in their ongoing quest for improvements across the sports landscape.

“Engagement directly with participants and sport registered members is a critical factor in ensuring we continue to lead, service and support the sport from a grassroots perspective,” said O’Neill.

“The G’day TBA initiative provides a platform for those passionate about the sport to have a say and be heard. With over 22,000 sport registered members engaged in the sport and millions who bowl recreationally, capturing diverse views and opinions on the future of the sport is paramount.”

“We believe it’s vital to be as open and accessible to the participants of the sport as we can, particularly when making decisions that impact the sport at a community level”, added O’Neill.

The G’day TBA online member forum will allow TBA members an opportunity to submit questions they would like to be addressed by the TBA CEO and Chair via a recorded video that will be published on the TBA website.

Utilising a survey to capture the question and necessary information, TBA will then collate and group questions to ask the CEO and Chair on the recorded call. Due to time differences and scheduling challenges, the first forum will primarily involve the CEO and Chair answering questions in a recorded setting but can be adjusted for future discussions.

“We intend to run these sessions once every quarter in 2022,” said O’Neill.

“We will assess following the first forum and adjust accordingly based on interest levels and feedback we receive”, added O’Neill.

The recording of the inaugural G’day TBA will be available on our website in the weeks following the 31st of March.

TBA members are invited to submit a question for inclusion at the inaugural G’day TBA online member forum by completing the survey below or clicking here

The first opportunity for you to say, ‘G’day TBA’ and ask your question starts now!

The G’Day TBA question portal is now closed. Thank you for your interest and please keep an eye out for future online forums in the future.

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